Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the marmalade forest

So... I've been holding out on you.  The Mary Janes at the Robinson's sale aren't the only shoes I've bought lately.  I know right, but... but... I have a really good reason for this extravagance!


This may be one of the most perfect pairs of shoes I've ever owned.

I bought them for URS at half-price ($50), but I wasn't quite so taken initially.  When I first walked into the shop, I had to decide which side of the cute-ugly line they fell on, but the more I looked at the chunky platform, the crazy heel that seems to have been carved from a single piece of slightly silvery wood and the thick, soft brown straps, I feel head-over, well, heels.

It took me a couple of weeks to get them out of the box and put them on, but I wore them with a ridiculously frilly dress today and every time I looked down at my feet, I felt like I was wearing a craft piece made by gnomes in some Lord of the Rings forest.  (I don't suppose diehard fans will be happy that I'm imagining the Ents all chopped up into footwear but hey, the oaks and angsanas don't have a say in this world either.)

Right now, I just want to wear them with everything, take them into bed, into the shower and out running, into a meadow, with daisies in our collective hair. 


Anonymous said...

im sure the dainty elves in the forgotten realms forests had to craft sandals to protect their fragile feet

good buy, love the chunky heels and booties appearing ever so often this season.


Shoe said...

hahahaha thanks tragicurlyhip... as you can tell i'm really excited about the shoes!

and i kinda think the chunky suits me better than the spindly stiletto... what about you?

Anonymous said...

yes,i do tend to agree. in any case, i think chunky always look better(edgier?) than stilettos somehow, and infinitely more comfy

Shoe said...

yes they are much more comfy i think! and yes, the chunky heel/platform lends a different edge to the look altogether.

plus the chunky heel won't get stuck in the drain!

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