Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's in my bag

I don't know why, but girls seem to have a thing about knowing what others are toting around in their handbags.  "What's in my purse" has a running tag on youtube that's hundred of videos long and even the local paper's Friday magazine has an entire page devoted to what's in the bags of semi-celebrities.

On the one hand, it's true that what someone carries in their purse can tell you a lot about them.  On the other hand, what really interests me is seeing how they organise their stuff in cute little pouches or pack them neatly in compartments.  Being somewhat messy myself, it's nice to get ideas for how to carry my stuff.  I still struggle to find my keys occasionally, but my bag looks more tidy on the whole.

In my bright yellow Aldo bag last Monday for an outing to Dhany's house:

1)  Kate Spade wallet

2)  Black patent pouch for cards and coins

3)  iPod (which is somewhat spoilt)

4)  Keys on my Pirates of the Carribean: Davy Jones' Locker key from Disneyland

5)  Nokia phone

6)  Uniball pen  (I'm obsessive about my stationery, particularly my pens and I only use the Uniball pens in black, blue-black or blue, unless I'm using other colours for drawing and colouring.  They have 0.25mm nibs which are delightfully fine and the ink is waterproof, important for when you're holding a notebook and interviewing someone in the pouring rain.)

7)  Lakerol cassis sugar free sweets

8)  Aloe vera wet wipes.  (I'm obsessive about wet wipes too, and almost always carry them because I repeatedly spill things on my clothes.  The only thing that will get a chocolate stain out for good is attacking it with a very soapy wet wipe as soon as it happens)

9)  Spotted pouch containing lip balm, hand sanitizer, small bottle of perfume, mini moisturiser and assorted oddments

10)  Fantasia DVD (from Mustafa for only $6.90!!!  When Diana and I saw it we stood there in shock like, what the fuck?  For real?  It's the 1940s one, I grant you, but still, that's an insane price.  I haven't had a chance to check out the quality or if the damn thing is even complete, but trust me, if I find a single musical segment missing, there is going to be a beyotchfit, fo' shizz.)

11)  A package with a surprise in it!  Something delightful arrived in the mail the other day and I can't display it just yet because it's gone for altering, but I will give you a clue:

Chew on that!!  And of course, not pictured, my camera, which is with me most times.

All was going well in the driveway until someone came and started nosing through the things I had laid out on the floor and trampling them joyfully.

Yeah, I know.

If someone called me a bad dog and told me to stand to one side, I'd look disgruntled like that too.

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