Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just did me some talkin' to the sun

The way the weather has been lately, we'd all probably be better off wearing wellies all the time.  It rains continuously some mornings and everyone is in constant suspense about the possible flooding and crazy bottlenecks on the road.

Don't get me wrong, I love rain and having cooler days, but it's not great running around in the middle of the storm.  It would be nice to sleep in, if I could sleep in.  As it is, I think the best weapon against the rain is a nice snuggly sweater.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you exhibit A.

If there's one piece of clothing I bug The D about, it's this yellow hoodie.  (In return, he deeply dislikes my cargo pants and I've had to endure a lot of ranting about how they make me look bigger than I really am and if he could, he would burn them and they mark my days as a "lap sap" journalist and blah blah blah whatever I stopped listening a long time ago anyway.)

So I tease Dhany a lot about his sweater and how it makes him look like Big Bird, but in truth, it's kind of growing on me, albeit at the rate grass grows in a drought year.

Big Bird hoodie - Modern Amusement.  Olive pants - Tangs.
Boots - Dr Martens.  T-shirt - Sifr.

I mean, come on, doesn't someone look all warm and comfy and megalomanical?

Also, I think the olive green, red trim and black boots combined are genius.

Even if he's finally had an epiphany and taken the damned yellow thing off.

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