Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lifestyle Mart

I checked out a new shopping place with my mother on the weekend and just had to share it.  If you're like me, then you're crazy about army and camouflage-patterned stuff.  I mean, I've had it in everything from short shorts to bermudas to um... a camouflage-print bra.  Yeah I know, but everytime I see the shades of olive-green, something in my stomach does a little flip-twist and gently propels my legs towards it.

So when my dad and brothers took us to The Lifestyle Mart at Mount Faber Safra, we went absolutely nuts.

It's basically a massive complex separated into two areas, one that sells basic army issue stuff like uniforms, jackets, caps, bags, singlets and shoes, and another which is army-inspired stuff made by an army-affliated company but stylised to be more wearable for us regular, book-larnin' folk.

And since I've been on a shopping ban of late, when my mother offered to help with the funds, we proceeded to buy the whole store.

Cool urban "streetstyle" mannequins compared to those in military wear below.

There were all kinds of buttons and pins...

... And cool, rough men's watches with insignias in the middle ofr $39.90.  I wanted to get one labelled "guards", but it was too big for my mutant skinny wrist.

Even the luggage tags were army themed.  I remember my brothers, when they were kids, made my mom buy them military type jackets and made her sew felt stars on the shoulders.  Hanwei, my youngest brother, was forced to remain a two-star General under the dominion of Hanshen who naturally had three stars on his.

Being the lady of the bunch, I was war nurse and therefore not worthy of any stars at all (but I didn't get shot on the field because there was a cease fire each time I ran to pick up the bodies).  Thank you, sexism.

The canvas bags just KILLED me, I had to get one.  I love bags and love them even more when they're all rough and tumble like these ones.

Oh and, army singlets in women's sizes?   $4.90.  Word.

The shore even overlooks a pool where you can learn scuba diving, if you like. 

My loot - a green canvas bag with leather handles and front pocket (it's massively oversized, which is great because some of my bags are a little small), a green blazer, slightly raw at the sleeves and collar and a belt (not very well taken, sorry) for Dhany.

I wish I could say I was done, but I saw some fantastic mustard coloured square scarves for only $13, so Mount Faber may see me again quite soon.

If you'd like to visit, The Lifestyle Mart is at #02-07 Safra Mount Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way, Singapore 098803. Or call (+65) 62721269.

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Anonymous said...

why don't u consider a military career? can get those things and more for free. army dudes always welcome another babe to don the greens ;)

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