Friday, July 30, 2010

Nothing you can do that can't be done

I attended a sweet wedding on the weekend, which some may say was the wedding of the year.  For all the hype, it was a tasteful, low-key and most importantly, fun affair.  Too many big weddings are stiff and boring and regimented.

This one was replete with a girlish, giggling bride, a handsome, if bashful groom and a TON of good food.  There was very little ceremony - bride and groom walked up to the table, sat down, said their vows and entreated everyone to eat heartily.  And eat heartily we did.  Irene and I headed for the dessert buffet at least three times.

All too often, I have trouble deciding what to wear to weddings.  There's that unspoken rule that you can't outshine the bride (as if any of us would try) but can't be too informal, depending on the time and the setting.

I decided go with a cute blouse and side braid for a whimsical, fun look because it was a casual luncheon.

Heart-print blouse - New Look.  Pencil skirt - Marks and Spencers.
Mary Janes - Fly London.  Grab bag - Radley, London.  Necklace - Swarovski.
Earrings - Melbourne Flea Market.

Dawn looked gorgeous in a flirty peplum and Jamie went vintage in a lacy, summery blue dress.  We horsed around in the hotel lobby with Bobby McGee after the luncheon.

Dawn, my mentor, and I looking up at her admiringly.  Such love in the eyes.

Faux editorial model posing.

How sweet are they?!

And for those of you who stayed till the end:

I thought she looked youthful and glowy.  But most importantly, happy.  And that's what really matters.


Samantha said...

OMG. KOKO's wedding! Was it fun?

ps. i am back in singapore! will pop around one tuesday to see you guys?? also, i brought my warwick dummy guide back for you if you want it! (:

Shoe said...

Yes!! It was totally fun and funny! I will tell you all about it in person...

Yes do come and see us and thanks for bringing the guide, I'd love to read it as school starts in October. EEEK!

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