Monday, August 2, 2010

Mandigan madness

Dhany had been on the quest for a Mandigan, or a cardigan for men for a long time, but was unsure of whether he could pull it off.  With the Mandigan, the line between looking like a stoop-shouldered relic of yesteryear and a fashionable example of manliness is very fine indeed.

We spotted this mandigan a couple of weeks ago in Muji and he decided to give it a try (also it was on 50 per cent of or something like that, so it was worthwhile having a bash). 

Maybe it's just a personal opinion, but I think he has the kind of body-type to carry it off well and one bonus is that compared to a blazer or hoodie, it's softer and lighter, perfect for the tropics.  (As Jamie said, "Very GQ.")

I also like the rawness to the hems and seams, it creates more interest than if the cardigan were perfectly finished.

Finished off perfectly with suave grey pants, forest green shoes and a simple white shirt. 

If you're the kind of guy with a slim sort of build and shoulders that are not too over-powering, odds are the mandigan will work for you.  You can wear it with a slouchy shirt as in here, or a more structured collared shirt for a more preppy look.  And sharp pants and cool shoes will keep it from being overly fey or too sloppy.

In other news, I have serious complaints to make against neighbourhood capsule machines.  We found this one that claimed to have Mighty Beanz (series 3, no less) and with some skepticism, decided to give it a try.

Well, blow me down.  The beans, after being extracted from the capsule, just lay there like dead grubs.  What the hell, heartland capsule machine? 

The Chinese words claim that the beans jump like magic, but a little shaking showed that magnets in the beans would make them twitch slightly when the equal poles were matched and that was all.

The picture should be a good enough idea - that's all they did, one occasionally standing on its end and the other lying perfectly still. 

I'm getting increasingly disillusioned with these dirty yellow machines!  Gone are the days when they provided electric buzzers to give people nasty shocks or fake moustaches (in handlebar, blond, brunette and even salt and pepper) with glue that made your upper lip itch and tasted like melting plastic.

Ben 10 and beans that just lie there?!  I have a good mind to start boycotting them and saving up for more worthy causes.

I really want to support the capsule machine industry, but it looks like I may have to wait for the Toy, Game and Comic Convention where the imported capsules cost $3 a pop, but I can at least get a stuffed llama that blushes with a flower behind its ear. 


Kim said...

i do like that llama =P

Shoe said...

HO! HO! HO! Me too... I'm very sad that this year's convention is in December :(

Kim said...

i get for you! and bring over when i come visit hahahaha

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