Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Randomosity, part deux

As always, I take pictures of random things that amuse me, and then when it builds up into a towering pile, I feel the need to perform some major regurgitation.  So here is a bunch of random photos I took that I thought were loads of fun!

Dawn wore this adorable necklace to work the other day and I just couldn't resist reaching out and playing with all the candy colours and furry textures.  I think she got it in Uzbekistan... it reminds me of candy and watermelons.

I took a whole series of photos of Chip the other day.  Hanwei, my brother, got this toy ninja down from my shelf and somehow manage to get them into a wrestling match.  It was so funny, the way Chip was gnawing on the arm of this sneaky looking black clad warrior.

Cute, one-eyed cat I saw on the way to pilates which didn't turn out to be pilates because the instructor was sick.

Sweet cracker sandwich, this country is beautiful.

Both my parents are entymologists by training, believe it or not.  My father in particular, used to have the most beautiful collection of butterflies that he caught himself in the Malaysian fields and pinned in wooden frames.  He would tell us how to do it, gently, letting them go to sleep with chloroform, learning how to spread the wings. 

I could never do such a thing, I love animals too much.  But till today, scenes like this remind me of how he used to run up and down the botanic gardens with a huge net while my mother and I picnicked on a blanket in the mellow sun.

To provide ample warning, the next few pictures are from Mustafa's DVD collection.  And you know how that goes.

'Nuff said.

This is the cover of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie called The Skin Game.  Being a Hitch fan, I flipped it over to read the summary and well, let's just say what I saw proves to me that the people making these cheap DVDs take any synopsis they can find online and slap it right on without understanding what it is about at all.

I laughed out loud in the middle of the shop for several minutes.  If ever there is a movie of my life, please, Mustafa, do not sell it.

And R(A) warning:

The bit about "copulation positions" completely cracked me up.

For about two and a half days, Dhany made himself a mohawk!  Loved it!

Last but not least, I thought I'd share some photos I took of my gorgeous friend, Melissa, she has legs that go on forever!

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