Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoes, go on and carry me there!

This is the simplest and cheapest dress (something like $10 from Cotton On, I don't know) I own, and oddly enough, the one that gets the most compliments.  Maybe it's because the purple really pops, or the free waist and hips are forgiving to most flaws.

 Cotton dress - Cotton On.  Lace blazer - Sportsgirl.  Zip clutch - Aldo.
Peace necklace - Present from mother. Nude flats - Mimosa.  Earrings - Diva.

Worn with a cute lace blazer for dinner at House on Sunday, they have the most addictive truffle fries.

You may not know this, but fun fact: I can click my heels with ease and the kind of old-fashioned flair you see on Singing in the Rain.  (I can hear Dhany now in the background going "self-praise is disgrace", but really, I taught you the moves ok, buddy?  I made you who you are.)

We all started clicking our heels furiously at random, but I have to say Rudi's photographed the most gracefully.  Look at him, like a ballerino in flight!  His face is even all calm and still like a model in a falling shot.

Good job, littlest Osman.  May you and your clicking heels find the stairway to paradise (or you know, fame and shit).


Anonymous said...

FWAHAHAHAHAHA! Let's just hope Rudi finds more fame than shit, kay?

Shoe said...

YO! Hahahaha with a face like that, how could he not?!

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