Sunday, August 15, 2010


There is nothing I love more than a good, old-fashioned, tea-type meal.  Fluffy hot scones with butter, pancakes on glistening mountains of baked apples and clouds of melting cream, macarons, particularly dark chocolate ones, occasionally with the crackle of salty caramel brittle. 

And of course, a pot of clean, clear tea to cut right through the richness for balance. 

I can eat "tea" at any time of the day, at breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, tea and all times in between, so when I met up with Raqvind and Evi for dinner and they suggested a tea-type dessert, I was practically hopping with excitement and went for a casual, summery look to match the chi-chi rattan decor of TWG (and I recently got my nails painted this delightful custardy colour).

Cutout blouse - Topshop.  Vintage-coloured jeans - Uniqlo.
Lace-up oxford heels - Paris.  Faux pearls - Minikin.
Rings - MOMA, Thomas Sabo

TWG has all the things to make you feel like you're having a quintessential tea-time experience - white tablecloths, fancy wicker chairs, potted plants and massive tea pots ensconced in weird spaceship-like pot warmers.  (Yes, it's the one at Ion, no, this is not an advertisement, I wish, they were paying me.)

We tucked in, I with various tea-flavoured macarons and a pot of white tea, Evi with scones and Raqvind with a wicked-looking chocolate tart.  

Thank you, colonial masters, if you've left us with an inferiority complex and severely dented self-esteem, at least we can sit back and nurse them with a buttered scone and a cup of earl grey.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this look!!!
~your american cousin

Shoe said...

Thank you cousin!!!! I suspect I know which cousin you are... but I have many american cousins so... would you be the one who is named after a tasty Mcdonald's snack of shrimp-like origins??

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