Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer holiday

White shirt - Zara.  Tap shorts - Topshop.
Ring - Diva.  Necklace - Made by my mother.

A breezy top, relaxed fit shorts and easy shoes - perfect for our weather.  Unfortunately, the way my luck goes, I ripped this top shortly after I put it on and had to change into something else.  The rip appeared at the seam and looked like it intended to keep going, so I don't know if it will ever be mended or the same.  

I'll be rather sad because it's the perfect cool white shirt for tights and skirts and it cost me only seven euro in Spain and will always remind me of the blue skies in a September Barcelona.
If I can never wear it again, I hope this is a fitting obituary.

Photos by Dhany


Other ways I've worn this shirt:


Anonymous said...

i really want to know where you did this photo shoot. i love the bathtub - t

Shoe said...

heya t, thanks for commenting! it's in the new majestic hotel, you have to look for the garden rooms which have bathtubs on the veranda. i highly recommend the place!

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