Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's in my bag: Travelling light

I just got this ADORABLE Tokidoki bag as a present from Dhany, because I lost my wallet and I was grumbling about never carrying a wallet again and just stuffing my cash into my bag.  So he got me a wallet-sized bag with slots for cash!  HAH!  HAH!  HAH!

(I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Dhany has wonderful taste.)

I just love it because 1) I love all things Tokidoki and it reminds me of the Toy and Comic Convention every time I look at it and 2) it has these funny details on it that I keep looking at and laughing. 

I love that Simone Legno packs his work with details so that you can look at the little things in it and discover something new each time and I love how he always has a sense of humour in his drawing.

For example:

This dog with a dollar bill in its mouth...

... this unicorn drinking water, which just kills me...

... the little donuts with sprinkles and that little cloud puff thing in the bottom left hand corner...

... the little green apple core.

All of which add up to make the final product, a riot of colour which makes your eyes wander busily back and forth.

It's not quite true when I say this bag is wallet-sized, I quite comfortably carried my life around in it for half a day, quite a feat considering that it looks about the size of a small notebook and appears quite flat.

Here's an example of what I can fit in it, and this is pretty much all I need for the whole day when I'm not being ambitious and carrying around whacking great novels, water, a jacket and a pouch full of random toiletries.

1)  Burt's Bees shimmering lip balm in Fig.

2)  Extra sugar free chewing gum (I don't know if anybody else carries gum in Singapore, but if you do, tell me, does it have a nasty habit of going all limp and sweating peppermint oil out the packet?!)

3)  Nokia E71 mobile phone.  iPhone blah blah biddy blah.  Give me actual buttons I can press anytime.

4)  Clean and Clear Johnson and Johnson's blotting paper - the pink pack smells of grapefruit!

5)  Debit card.

6)  Cold, hard cash.

7)  The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Perfume.

8)  Hairpins.  Bobby pins.  Kirby grips.  Whatever you'd like to call them.

9)  Refresh for contacts eyedrops.  I don't wear contacts very often and when I do, I like to make sure my eyes don't dry out.

10)  Spare Acuvue Moist contacts.

11)  Uniball pen.

12)  And most impressively, not pictured, my camera which actually fits inside that bag with all that crap such that I can do the zip up without any trouble.  My camera is not one of those cigarette-pack-sized things which fit inside your pocket like a charm.  More accurately, it is the size of about half a brick and half the thickness.  I assure you I was utterly gobsmacked.

I don't know about you, but I was thoroughly amazed that so much could go in, considering that the bag looks about twice the size of my phone!  Also, I've learned that there's an art to fitting things in like the pieces of a puzzle so that you can maximise the space and things don't knock and rattle about.

Like most girls, I LOVE carrying my whole life around with me, but when push comes to shove, I can downsize quite easily and it's very liberating going hands free and being able to run and jump without a hefty piece of arm candy all day. 

I could travel light all day long.

Loose fit shirt - Zara.  Cutoffs - DIY from a pair of jeans from Series.  
Cutout sandals - Dr Marten.  Necklace - Made by my mother.
Bracelet - Pandora.  Hoop earrings - Bits and pieces.

As I did with a thin top, cutoffs and leather sandals for Baybeats.

PS  If you're loving this starfish necklace, as some of my friends are, it was made by my mother with a Swarovski crystal we bought from the bead shop she goes to. 

She makes some great jewellery and if you like it, stay tuned because she is, as we speak, MAKING A SET OF JEWELLERY FOR MY FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY.

True story.  So if you guys want to win some cute, handmade, one of a kind jewellery, check back in a week or so, because I should have all the details ready and, considering that the number of readers is not that high, the chances of any one of you winning are like, cubed, or something. 

So, watch this space! 


beckles said...

Now I want a wallety bag too. It's so cute. *Love* the unicorn.

However, my heart stopped as I saw the price tag still stuck on the Uniball...such inhumane cruelty. What did the pen ever do to you? I'm reporting this.

Shoe said...

It is damn freakin' cute right? I almost died.

My uniballs are of the Singaporean variety. They don't mind the price tag so don't go pushing your values onto them, missy!

(Actually no, I prefer them without the tags but it's so much trouble and the sticky residue blahblahblahidied.)

Anonymous said...

I am going to report you to the singaporean police for carrying gum.

Shoe said...

Fee, I'm going to report you to the government for being a camel!!

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