Saturday, August 28, 2010

You scrolled back up, didn't you?!

Shirt - Uniqlo.  Pants - Melbourne Flea Market.  
Shoes - Vans.  Hat - Brixton.

Dhany wore this easy ensemble to Baybeats and I liked that it was simple and easy to move around in, lasted him comfortably through a night of music and partying but also looks a step up from a regular boring outfit.

I like when men don't go the obvious route sometimes, for instance, in this case, pairing a v-neck jersey top with skinny jeans.  These pants instead, with the cute stripey design, were picked up from a flea market for about $10, I believe.

We studied them for a moment, trying to consider if they would work.  The stripey design seemed a bit old school and old man, and you can't tell in this (lack of) light, but there are actually shiny threads running through them, a bit like the "flashy" tweeds someone would wear to play church hall bingo.  

And sparkle is nothing if not courageous for men.

But that's the beauty of making things your own, you can update them up the yin-yang (maybe mixing metaphors, but you know, appropriate). 

So Dhany threw them on with the shirt and shoes de rigeur for this generation, a funky hat, and no one was the wiser.  

Plus I kind of like that "faux old man" look on young guys, I secretly think it's kinda hot.

PS  Please ignore Domo screaming in the corner.  Of course, now that I've told you, you're going to scroll up through the entire post to look for him in each picture.  


Anonymous said...

i confess i scrolled up!

Shoe said...

HAHAHAH I suspected as much!

I will make more posts with hidden clues in the photos just for you :P

Anonymous said...

awwww so sweet thankewwww ;)i'm catching up on ur posts now pardon the tardy response

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