Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All the little girls and boys

There are invariably two kinds of feelings in dressing rooms. 

The kind where you see this perfect shiny lilac top on the hanger, with the cutest ruffles and think: that would be perfect for work.  So you hustle it into the dressing room, struggle violently into it and find a shiny, fat purple sausage with straining buttons staring back at you.

And the kind where you find above-mentioned blouse, and when, in the fitting room, you glide it over your head, it fits like it was made just for you.

I had the latter experience with this smooshy cotton dress from Forever 21 - the slight shrugginess at the neck, the length, the grosgrain ribbons that tie at the back. 

And it hardly needs anything to dress it up. 

The choice to pair yellow accessories with the bold red accents was a tiny risk - do it wrong and you could look very Ronald Mcdonald.  Instead, I stuck to yellows that weren't too loud or bright.
It gave me enough confidence to want to try the look in an even bolder combination next time!

Rose print dress - Forever 21.  Bag - Kathy Van Zeeland.
Dog earrings - Random bazaar.  Bangle - Cotton on.  Flats - Mimosa.

I put it on for a rare daytime date with Dhany - just before we went to watch The Expendables, he did his calisthenics in the bushes. 

Ready?  Go!

On my brother's nuts, I don't know where his clothes come from, but I LOVE the top with the loose knit, v-neck and graded striping from the neckline.  It was probably bought off Karmaloop because he's ghetto that way.

I could not tell you what we spend half our time doing, it flies by so quickly and seems so crazy half the time, but I can say that whatever it is, I'm always having fun.

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