Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just a pebble

I thought about it for a long time and finally decided that I would like to add a new tag and category to this blog altogether, namely one about reading and writing.

No, it's not exactly fashion related, but truth be told, reading and writing, particularly fiction, are huge passions of mine, and if I have anything to do with it, they will soon become a big part of my daily life.

From when I was very young, I became obsessed with books and when I was introduced to the wonderful world of Richard Scarry (full of awesome talking animals and little towns and children, for the uninitiated), I decided I was going to write little animal stories too.  It's been over a decade of voracious reading and writing since then.

I lost a lot of that when I started work in 2007, ironically, the job actually involves writing in some form.  I'm trying to get that back now, it's a precious commodity to have the time to read and have to the will to put things to paper.

So I thought I'd start with a post of amazing pictures from this website, which inspires me to crack my books every time I just look at it.

Images from

Although it is nothing like these, I thought I would show you my own bookshelf at home because my parents are obsessed with books as well.

Unfortunately, all I have space for in my room by way of books is a shelf a foot wide and half of that is taken up by electronics and cds.  One day, when I have enough room for a bookshelf of my own, I hope to have some crazy ass ones like those above.

Blouse - New Look.  Navy pants - Zara.
Heels - U.R.S.  Earrings - Tokidoki present from Dhany.
Cupcake necklace - Diva.

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm squatting next to a pile of back issues of the National Geographic, which my father used to subscribe to religiously.  

Also, one of the books on there is The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris, which I read as a teen (when I was aspiring to be an anthropologist) and loved.  I just love Morris' books although most will probably feel a lot of what he taught is now obsolete.  We have a full colour, giant-sized edition of Manwatching, and for the longest time, that was my anthropology bible.

I wore this outfit with a really cute cupcake necklace and Tokidoki earrings (one of the first presents Dhany gave me) to meet up with some friends for dinner.

Thanks for hanging out guys, I had an awesome time and I'm really glad I saw you after so long!


beckles said...

*stands in absolute awe of those pictures*

I too dream of having my own wall of books one day. I still have yet to decide whether I will arrange the books by "colour of spine" or in order of importance to me.

I reckon the colour coding will definitely intrigue onlookers to take a closer look but looking for my books may be a bitch when each Harry Potter book will on opposite sides of the shelf. hmf.

Shoe said...

I know... when I saw the website, I near shed a tear. The one with the skylight is my favourite. Oh, to have a house with a skylight. Then again, oh, to have any house at all!!!

At home, our bookshelves are currently arranged by category. We have the science shelves, the fiction shelves, the children's books shelves, the media and communications shelves, the russian classics shelves (uck!) and the small and short-lived religious books shelf... easy to find, although I can TOTALLY see the appeal of colour coding! YAY!

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