Friday, September 10, 2010


Just a quick note for everyone who has commented for the competition so far, thank you so much for your comments, they are all hilarious and I would love to reply to them individually, except that would mess up the randomised counter that picks the results.

So I have decided to make my replies once the competition is closed.  For now however, thank you once again, your comments mean a lot to me and they were so much fun to read!

Another thing I wanted to say was that there appears to be some confusion about what the winner gets, so let me set it straight, you my friend, get ALL FOUR ITEMS.

I'm just asking you to name your favourite because 1)  I think it's nice to have a more specific comment and 2) it's good feedback for the next set of jewellery or whatever that I would like to give away so that I know what people like.

Did you think I would show you four cute things and deprive you of the other three?! 

I'm far more benign than that!  Righty-ho.  Back to business!

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