Thursday, September 2, 2010

My week so far

I've been wanting to add a dash of colour and spice to my casual, dress down, outfits and recently when I was in Chameleon (your trusty neighbourhood hair accessories store) I was startled by how the array of jewellery and accessories has expanded.

Nowsaday, they have everything from gorgeous chunky rings to scarves, necklaces and surprisingly delicately made jewelled cuffs, but not at the expense of their 3 for $10 type hair ties (really useful for when we were back in school.  Mel and I used to go to Chameleon together for expressly this purpose).

What I was really looking for though, was some square scarves of a silk-type material, surprisingly hard to find for a low price.

This beautiful bold square was only $3.90!  Hello!

Scarf - Chameleon.  Wingtips - New Look.  Bangle - Cotton On.
Jeans - Uniqlo.  Shirt - Giordano.  Necklace - Fancy Pocket.
And it makes a whole lot of difference to a casual jeans and tee-shirt outfit.

The thing I love about the square is that you can use your fingers and shape the material so that it stands up with a slight stiffness so the bow doesn't just flop over your head (*resists dirty joke here*). 

My ghetto pose, according to Dhany.  Yeah, don't mess with me, bitches.  Imma cut you.

I have one of those extremely sloped heads where everything just slides off (it's a sign of intelligence, yo), so I cheated and used a couple of hairpins to hold the scarf in place, great because over the course of the entire afternoon and evening, it didn't go anywhere and if you are like me, you hate re-tying a scarf.

The Chameleon I went to was at Somerset 313 (I know, right, do I ever go anywhere else but there??  Well, the other night, Melissa Anne and I went to Orchard Central ok, which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  Take that!) and I would recommend you stop by if you haven't been in years because just like you, the collection has matured immensely, and you never know what you might find.

My peace necklace was from a shop thrillingly titled Fancy Pocket.  I do believe it is on the first floor of Plaza Singapura, at the back near the Carrefour.  I really liked its little necklaces and earrings, all of which are supposedly rhodium-plated and, get this, $5 to $9.

This necklace was actually $5, which I thought was a pretty sweet deal for the cute retro font.

(As a random aside for Beatles buffs, this shirt from Giordano was taken off the Help! cover where the Fab Four are spelling out "HELP" in semaphor then Giordano took the liberty of putting alien heads on them.  That wasn't the trivia bit, you probably already knew that.

What I find interesting is that you can tell John, second from the left, is going through his depressed and fat phase from how thick his legs are.  They were all wearing winter padding, but you can't really hide the fact that he's looking a little thicker than all of them, hence the name of the Help! album, asking for help from the depression.  I think in the Help! movie, you can also see that he's a little on the pudgy side.)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

This week, Dhany made an awesome anchovy pasta from this recipe (kind of like an Aglio Olio but with anchovies) and improvised by adding chilli flakes and parsley to cut the salty richness of the anchovies.

And it was easy as.  The whole set up and assemblage took only 20 minutes.

I helped by mincing the garlic and parsley, chopping the vegetables for the salad and cheering on the chef.

I'll have you know that I am indispensable in the kitchen.  You will not find a broad this side of the equator who can mince garlic or cheer the chef more beautifully than me.

We used spaghettini because I'm partial to thinner pastas that allow the sauce to do the talking.

There is nothing I love more than baby carrots and zucchinis.  If the cherry tomatoes had only been relegated to hell, where they belong, all would have been hunky dory.

And finally, we found the cutest kitten in the whole neighbourhood hiding in the drain near Dhany's house.

At this point, Jamie is squirming in digusted anticipation, but I think this particular cat would probably be more freaked out by Jamie than Jamie would be by the cat.

Say it with me now:  AWW-freakin'-WWW.


berf said...

hey the cat scared me ley....

Anonymous said...

the cat is cute. but it looks like a teenage cat instead of a kitten. could be just the way it looks in the photo. adorable! - tragicurlyhip

Shoe said...

@ Berf - don't worry. i won't let it touch you!!

@ Tragicurlyhip - actually you're right! It is kind of teenage... but it still has a kitten face, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

yah that a little lost, innocent cat face, without the grown up alley wariness yet - t

Fashion UK said...

Nice outfit. Love the original take on the Beatles t-shirt, the jeans really complement the shirt and your overall style.

Shoe said...

Tragicurlyhip - Yeah you're exactly right... it looks innocent, just before the sneaky stage sets in! It's been sleeping in the drain these last few days!

Fashion UK - Hi, thanks for coming by! I checked out your youtube channel, are you promoting Uniqlo? I LOVE Uniqlo!!

beckles said...

Love the second shot. The silhouette on the wall is AWESOME; should totally cut that bit into a profile pic.

Oh yah and you're pretty too.

Shoe said...

Hahahah thanks Beck!!! You see my beauty beyond my face! :P

Also, I thought you would've been distracted by the cat. No??

Anonymous said...

hey i got a mention!! *waves from bali* i'm waiting for my flight ur blog has been keeping me entertained :) lovin' the outfit btw.
-melissa anne-

Shoe said...

Heeheehee thanks for commenting from Bali Mel!! I'm touched!!!

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