Monday, October 18, 2010

And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid git...

Beatles shirt - Birthday gift from GWU friends!  Paperbag shorts -
Necklace - Made by mother.  Tights - Topshop.  Coat - John Little.
Mandarin Duck earrings - The Cathay.

Estimated temperature - 15 degrees.  (As someone from the tropics, where it
is 30 degrees all year round, what to wear to keep warm in different 
temperatures is something that concerns me deeply.
I thought that from now on, where possible, I would make a note of it!)

I figured that now that I am finally in the land of the Fab Four, I should pay homage to them more often.  There is no band I love more and I thought the raglan shirt went very nicely with my paperbag shorts.

Also, I had bought these tights back from Topshop back in Singapore.  I love them because of the adorable print and unusual colours, but realised they were too hot for the tropics the moment I put them on.

Finally I got to wear them, but it will get too cold for them soon.  Oh, life!

PS I have to confess that I was once writing about some girl group for a publication and as they had four members, I was writing in a frenzied rush to meet a deadline and writer's block hit, I alluded to them as the Fab Four in my frantic need for a catchy sentence.  I had a heart attack as my fingers typed the letters out.

I think my soul died that very day and every time now I think back on it, I want to drive my newspaper taxi into the hole-filled Albert Hall.  Never such travesty again!

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