Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighbourhood

This is my neighbour, Afua.  She's from Ghana and she is one of the coolest people I have met here, strong, independent, responsible and always up for a laugh.  We share a toilet, our doors face each other and we get along great, so we spend a lot of time standing in the vestibule and yammering about anything and everything.

She also has a GREAT sense of style.  The first morning I saw her wearing a beautiful, heavy pair of turquoise earrings with a red scarf, I knew we could be great shopping buddies.

I wanted to share this outfit that Afua wore on the fourth day of our Orientation and I absolutely loved it because she told me the fabric sewn to her vest was one of Ghana's traditional fabrics.

It has these beautiful warm colours in it and is called "Angelina".  She told me that it was made in one of two factories in Ghana that make this national fabric and that a friend of hers sewed it to her vest to give it a more modern touch. (Also, Afua wore this to go rock-climbing... Represent!)

I think it is so amazing and romantic that people in Ghana have pretty, feminine names for their fabrics and actually know where they come from.  I doubt young people in Singapore know a great deal about batik, nor do they go out of their way to wear it or incorporate it into their outfits.

I was also really taken by her New Look Oxfords and all her cute gold jewellery (I think she told me she bought it in Dubai).  I'm so glad to have found an accessories maniac like myself!

You go girl!  *snap snap*

PS  Her hairstyle is a style called sister locks, which are like a much tinier version of dreadlocks and require no chemicals to do.  Apparently you just use a tool to "lock" hair all over the whole head and it stays there and locks by itself after awhile.  I thought it was absolutely fascinating especially when she told me that without the locks her hair would be in a long Afro, but she told me my hair is too smooth for sister locks.  Damnit!

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