Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something blue

Top - Giordano.  Foufy skirt - F21.  Mustard bag - Aldo.  
Shoes - Timberland.  Nail colour - OPI, You don't know Jacques!

One of the boldest ways to dress, I believe, involves the use of colour blocking.

I'm not always in the mood to wear bold colours like this, but when I am, I really love how they make my outfit pop and yet, the neatness and separateness of the colours doesn't make the outfit look messy or too over the top.

In this case, I went for yellow and blue because they're complimentary colours and because I love the mustardy yellow on this bag!

My only regret about buying this bag, which I think is super cute, is that I didn't realise that it was actually a knock-off design from a luxury Australian brand, Mimco.  I try not to be knock-offs if I can help it, not because I don't like bargains but because it feels a little unoriginal, like plagiarism.  Ah well.

1 comment:

debby said...

don't worry. mimco does knock offs of luxury brands. but mimco has some of the nicest buttery leather bags :)

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