Saturday, October 30, 2010

To a good home

I'm sorry.  I confess. 

I didn't mean to, but it was SO pretty.  And it was LOOKING at me, begging me to take it home.

So I bought a new Moleskine for my collection.

And it's limited edition!  I mean, look at it:

Tell me that isn't screaming out to you. 

So Moleskine has a whole series of special limited edition books for different occasions.  This one as you can see, is for Peanuts' 60th Anniversary and come on, everybody loves Peanuts.  I just adore Woodstock because he is so cute and so serious, and because he doesn't talk.  Also, I love that he's a writer.

This is the smallest sized Moleskine which means that while it fits nicely into your palm, it won't lie flat by itself.

The inner page has a Charlie Brown quote which says "Goodbyes always make my throat hurt... I need more hellos", which I thought apt for my year here.

The information page is also unique - note the special comic font!  Love it!

But the best part is this crazy back cover next to the inner pocket:

A Peanuts family tree!  Could you just die?  My favourite bit is the part that says "Rerun would like to have as his dog: Snoopy".  Yeah, I'd like to have Snoopy as my dog too, thank you very much.  Chip, you didn't hear that, buddy.

Also, Woodstock is the top of the tree?  Too cute.

The bookstore lady, a lovely blonde dame, lit up when she saw me at the counter.  "Oh, isn't that just lovely now, and it's limited edition and we don't have many left."

"It's beautiful," I agreed.  "I just had to have it."

"Have you ever had a Moleskine before?" 

"Yes!  I love them!"  I shrieked, practically throwing myself at her feet.

"Always imitated, never better," she proclaimed, as if quoting a poem.

I nodded reverently.

"Well," she said, ringing up my purchase, "I'm glad it's going to a good home!"

Thanks, lady.  I'm glad too.


candy apples said...

I love the Peanuts family tree♥ So cute!!!!


Grace said...

Woodstock! :)

Love Grace.

berf said...

what a warm and witty sales lady! :)

Shoe said...

Hey Candy Apples, thanks!! I love the tree too! It's the best part!

Hahah thanks for stopping by Grace! Woodstock rules...

Berf - HEY! I'm warm and witty too okay! But she was awfully nice :)

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