Sunday, October 31, 2010

In dire need of some colour

Without the lifelong benefit of having four seasons, one's mindset does tend to be a little different than those who live in temperate regions. 

For example, I have never understood all this guff about "This colour is perfect for the winter" or "These pastels make this top perfect for spring."  At home, I can wear anything I want all year round.  Why limit the palette that you wear to one season? 

This creates that boring result of everyone being kitted out in blacks, greys, browns and weird furry things for one season, and white, floral prints or bright colours for another, and this doesn't make any sense to me.  Winter can already be so cold and bleak, it is really necessary to make your wardrobe match as well?

With this in mind, I've set out to try and make my wardrobe as season neutral as possible, and mix and match things across colour palettes.  This is especially difficult since the stores right now insist on stocking everything in depression shades of dark purple, grey and bottle green.

So it was with great excitement that I found this hot pink coat in Tesco a few weeks ago.

In an earlier post, I waxed lyrical about Kim's pink trenchcoat and I'm so glad I got a chance to purchase my very own!  Tesco is kind of the K-Mart of the UK and so one never expects to find anything there rather than sub-par jogging shoes and thermal underwear, but I have to say, their winterwear and accessories sections have proven to be very impressive.

With my student discount, this coat only cost 20 pounds, and I can only imagine the many happy hours of wear it is going to give me.

Pink coat - Tesco.  Jeans - New Look.  Top - Zara.
Sweater - Mom's.  Flats - New Look.  Earrings and necklace - Claire's.

I threw it on over some neutral things which would have otherwise been boring and was thrilled at the final look.  

Also in love with my flowery New Look flats and how starry they look among the emerald moss.  It's no wonder so many great poets come from this country, all its images and scenes inspire flowery language!  (Literally flower-filled, not like, long and boring.)

Please take a moment to admire my jewellery from Claire's!  Claire's is an adorable accessories store that isn't available in Singapore (or Australia, I suspect) but everytime I go there, I find myself going nuts and shelling moolah out for every single thing.  

The cute ice-cream earrings came in a set of about fifteen pairs of DESSERT THEMED EARRINGS.  DESSERT-THEMED!!  I can't get over this, ya'll.  There are little cupcake studs, dangly muffins, icecream and cookies studded with rhinestones and with cream on top, and of course, these lovely popsicle studs.  I just about died of happiness.

The necklace came in a set of two (five pounds for two!) which you are supposed to share with your best friend (hence the letters BF).  It has another silver tag on it that says "Two peas in a pod" and of course, that nauseatingly cute little pod of peas.  My friend Saloni and I went nutty the first time we saw it, and I bought it to surprise her when I went to London.

I really like some of the stuff in Claire's and I thought of having a massive Claire's accessories giveaway for readers, but of course, only if you're interested.  As always, the giveaway will be open internationally!

So, would you like to win accessories from Claire's?  Tell me in the comments, please!


candy apples said...

Cute jacket♥
I'd love to win the accessories! I think it's really cool that you open your giveaways internationally :)


Anonymous said...

yes yes yes!! - t

berf said...


plentyforpennies said...

Such a great color! I would love a bright/jewel colored coat for the winter to liven it up a bit!

Shoe said...

Aww thanks Candy Apples! Yeah I have friends from everywhere, so I don't think it's fair only people in one country get to win!

Okay Berf and T, heard you loud and clear! One giveaway coming up!

@ Plentyforpennies, thanks so much for stopping by, your blog is AWESOME!

Amber Rose said...

You are an absolute doll! This color was made for you. :)

Grace said...

What a cute BF necklace!

Love Grace.

Shoe said...

@ Grace - Thanks, I love it too!!!

@ Amber Rose - Oh man you're so sweet... thank you so much! :$

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