Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wo de qing ye zhen

Recently, I decided I was going to bring my grandmother out to a tribute concert for one of her favourite artists, Teresa Teng.

I don't know that there is a grandmother out there who doesn't adore Teresa Teng... well, probably my other, late grandmother given that she lived in Bangladesh and was, you know... Indian.  ANYWAY.

I had a full day of activities lined up, including lunch with Dhany, tea with Jonathan, Melissa, Priya and Wei Jing before the concert, so I hunted for an outfit that would work for the whole day.  It had to be comfortable, stretchy in that high tea way, cute enough to hang out with friends but also suitable for an evening concert with a bunch of people who were all, um, shall we say upwards of 60?

Naturally, my thoughts went to the most obvious place, hairdryers!

The last time I wore this dress, I wore it plain with silver jewellery, but this time, I pulled on a pair of purple tights for a little more modesty and warmth (the concert venue was like the inside of a meat locker), schmancy heels and some delicate gold bling.

Peplum dress - Melbourne Flea Market.  Tights - Topshop.  Bag - Tocco Toscano.
Shoes - Image Turn.  Necklace - Etsy.  Earrings - Made by my mother.

How cute are these delicate earrings my mom made with Swarovski crystals?  I designed them, but my mom really brought them to life with the most delicate gold chains she could find.  They swing delightfully!

The concert ended up being tons of fun, for one, I have spent enough hours lying with my grandma and spinning the Teresa Teng cd that I know some of the songs by heart.  My favourite part of the night was when the lady two chairs down stared open mouthed at my singing and wondered how the maid had learned to speak Mandarin.

For another, the performers were all thin, tall, beautiful nymphets with legs like prize-winning thoroughbreds strutting the stage and singing songs about boats and moons and small villages.  And one of them came down into the aisle and shook my grandma's hand!

I mean seriously guys.  She's gorgeous.  And legs for days.

Even the erhu-player (erhu-ist?  erhuer?) looked like she'd just stepped off a runway.  I don't know, is it safe to have such a scantily clad woman at a venue where the percentage of old men likely to have heart attacks is in the high 90s? 

Seriously, a smattering of discreet silver foil was all that was preventing us from being vajazzled.

Meanwhile, a quartet of fey dancers in the tackiest costumes pranced back and forth behind like fauns at play.  Their legs were endless, also. 

Silver tap shorts, glittery black vests and furry umbrellas?  It doesn't get crazier than that.

And speaking of crazy:

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.


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