Saturday, November 27, 2010


Random things about me:

1)  I am the only person I know who actually likes spoilers (unless I'm reading a short story or watching a movie with an intentional twist).  If someone is in danger, or on the verge of dying, I must know how it pans out or I can't concentrate.  I paused Studio 60 two episodes before the finale to Wikipedia the fate of the characters and I flipped ahead in the Knife of Never Letting Go to check if the dog died.

2)  I don't wear any make-up, ever.  The last time I wore slap was in the school choir and it killed all my urges to ever wear it again.

3)  I love eating raw lemons.  Sometimes, I'll sit in front of the TV with nothing but a lemon and a knife. 

4)  One of my childhood ambitions was to be a teacher.  I told everyone it was because I liked children.  In reality, it was because I loved the "taktak" sound the chalk made on the chalkboard.

5)  I have a very strong aversion to Cadbury's chocolate because it doesn't taste like "chocolate" to me.  I am currently situated about an hour from the REAL ORIGINAL Cadbury factory and village, and have not experienced the urge to visit it in the least (although I'm sure we'll all go at some point). 

6)  My favourite curse word is "balls".  I came home from kindergarten and said it to my mother when I was four, and I've been saying it even since.

7)  Seven is my favourite number.

YOUR TURN!  Tell me something weird about you in the comments, or feel free to link a post about yourselves! 


priii said...

you're not the only one who likes spoilers.. i must know the end of any reality show (like antm) before watching. i don't know why.. i think it's cos i want to see how they progress.. hmm..

i tried running away when i was living in australia. i was 6. but i was unsuccessful.. i ended up returning home. to use the loo. epic fail.

andriani retno said...

oh... 7 is my fav number tooo...
hmmm...weird thing about me ::
I would be awake until midnight. if I drink coffee in the afternoon, although only 1 cup
omg :((

Kim said...

i love the smell of tarmac and gasoline

Bea said...

I am guilty of number one sometimes. If I really like the book, I will need to skip to the end or else I'd rush through the book to fast just to get to it! :)

Bea from A plus B

Shoe said...

Hahaha Priii, aren't you glad you made it home in the end?

You, me and Bea have the same spoiler issue! So it turns out I'm not the only one!

@ Kim OMG me too... I will sit at the petrol station and sniff until I feel like I'm getting high, can.

@ Andriani Oh dear... do you like coffee? And do you get palpitations? My heart starts beating really fast...

Anonymous said...

1. If I could get away with it I would never wear a bra coz I find them uncomfortable and a nuisance.

2. No matter how I try, I can't like coffee. I can't stand the smell of coffee, don't like coffee ice cream, coffee cake etc. :(

3. I've always wanted to be a scientist and invent this machine where i can juz get showered, dried and ready to go (brushing teeth included) without having to get up from my bed all because doing endless loads of laundry drive me nutty.


Shoe said...

Urbanjade! The bra thing made me laugh out loud... Now when I meet you I won't be able to stop staring at your chest. Also, item number 3 sounds highly attractive!

Anonymous said...

haha :P noooo don't stare at my chest! *blush* tho i muz admit i wish all my fats in all the places it shouldn't be would somehow miraculously find their way to my chest. unfotunately my fats don't have a sense of direction. yay u like no 3! now if only i had some engineering skills :)

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