Monday, November 29, 2010

Winterising summer

I don't know about you, but one of the problems I'm having here is taking the flimsy, summery clothes I brought from home and trying to make them work.  Obviously, sheer cotton and chiffony material won't hold against the wind and frost, so I've begun to develop a layering tactic that will ensure I stay warm, while still being able to use my summer wardrobe to the max.

My rules are:  Always keep your chest warm and snugly covered, keep your legs and arms covered with at least one layer of fabric and make sure at least one layer fulfills the function of stopping the wind a little bit.  That means, I can't layer a knit top and a knit overcoat over each other because the wind invariably blows through the holes.  That also means if I want to wear a low cut summer blouse, I have to wear a camisole inside it or layer a scarf on top.

Finally, the rules mean that while my chest is kept warm with three or four layers, my arms and legs shouldn't look too thick with one or two layers, depending.

Dress:  Spitalfields.  Cardigan - Tesco.  Necklace - Spitalfields.
Tights - Topshop.  Shoes - Deichmann.  Earrings - Made my my mother.

Estimated temperature - 6 degrees. 

This look incorporates a sleeveless summer dress (with a brown dot pattern that I find irresistable) but kept me warm with a thicker knit tie sort of cardigan over the top.  I wore it out the other night to watch Scott Pilgrim (GREAT FUN!) with my classmates and it kept me surprisingly toasty.

I am crazy about these shoes.  I bought them at Deichmann's for 15 pounds or something like that and they have a low-but-not-too-low-to-be-dowdy heel and just look at these beautiful colours!

And of course, since knits have holes in them and it doesn't behove Singaporeans to be leaping around like this in six degree weather, I usually look more like this:


Anonymous said...

lovin' the look!!

andriani retno said...

beautiful scenery :))
and i like your vintage necklace

Shoe said...

Thanks Andriani! These necklaces are everywhere, I love it too!

Urbanjade!!! HELLO! Thanks :D

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice color of your tights

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