Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In dire need of colour, Part 2

This is my gorgeous friend Anjuly.  We met in school because we're in the same class, and I wanted to share her outfit because I thought it was wonderfully fresh and different from what people on the streets are wearing.

It's very seldom that I've seen people wear a white coat (I supposed because it's extremely difficult to clean!) and I thought the combination of the white coat and the snowy scarf with the embroidered flowers were extremely refreshing together.

She also bought everything but the coat from India.  She was wearing a pretty pink sequinned top underneath, and I thought it great that you can buy more "tropical" wear from warmer countries (such as a breezy sleeveless top) and put everything together so that it still looks cohesive. 

I just love the combination of rich colours and textures, hope you did too!

PS  I recently saw Anjuly with shorter hair and I honestly thought she looked like Halle Berry!!!


priii said...

i LOVE her scarf. omg. i want to move to inklund for the scarves. and ducks. and hot pink coats. and ducks.

Shoe said...

Dood I would send you a duck if I could... Good luck with finding the perfect skinny scarf!! I have yet to find mine :'(

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