Friday, November 5, 2010

So this is Autumn

So autumn is in full swing right now. 

The leaves on the trees take their time to turn, some are a beautiful green-yellow...

... and some have gone the most brilliant red.

(One of the things I love about Autumn here is that despite the weather being crazy and unpredictable, annoying things like fog lead to some of the most beautiful phenomenons.  Every spider web becomes a luminous string of pearls.)

To match the beautiful, vivid hues, my friend, Shriya, is dressing in colours that seem to leap off the proverbial page.

(Shriya, by the way, is a massive bundle of talent rolled into one compact package - a singer, dancer, artist and writer all in one.  Perhaps the only thing she's not so great at is restraining herself from buying cute shoes.) 

She wore this outfit to our friend, Tobin's birthday party and I just loved how she mixed the colours together, the flaming scarlet with the slightly more muted tights, threads of silver running through them (from Marks and Sparks who, in my experience, sell the most comfy and fitting tights ever).

The shoes really pull the outfit together, both dashing and yet not overly flamboyant.  She bought these in Deichmann's (check them out for really cute, cheap shoes) and I love how they have something of a heel but not one of those ridiculous spikes that you'll spend the whole night wishing you could kill yourself on.  Also, sequins!!  Hello!

One of the great things about being an international student is all the other students you meet and instantly make friends with.

It's nice to know that in the beauty of autumn, there will be other people who are cold, far from home and otherwise lonely, and you can all make a cosy group and enjoy the magic of the crimson leaves together.


BarelyVogue said...

Love the red following your blog to keep in touch!!

Shoe said...

Thanks, Sahi, I'll let my friend know! I'm following you now too!

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