Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beauty bright

Continuing with some loot from London, I had to share these crazy earrings with you guys.  Aren't they gorgeous?

My mom and I found a stall where this lady made some very delicate and unique silver jewellery.  Among the pieces were these beautiful lillies with a long, curving stem that acts as an earhook at the same time.  You slide the flower in up to the top and the beautiful, sterling silver stem curves out from under your ear.

I secretly really wanted them, but sterling silver is expensive so I kept my trap shut and watched as my mom haggled with the lady over broaches.  Imagine my delight when she picked out the earrings herself and held them up to me saying "these would be perfect for you"!

Blouse - Dorothy Perkins.  Leggings - Uniqlo.  Vest - Mother's.
Earrings - Camden.  Black flats - Mimosa.

Estimated temperature : 12 degrees.

I wore them on a trip to town the other day with a butterfly covered top, vest and crazy leggings from Uniqlo.  Everything is fruiting crazily in autumn, bushes burst with tiny red berries and this tree outside my dorm is covered in pretty orange fruit. 

Luckily, I have (more or less) outgrown the habit of putting anything that looks remotely appetising in my mouth.  Or else, the NHS would have a serious case of food poisoning on their hands.

I'm off on a trip tomorrow, in particular to look for some really cute little things for the upcoming Claire's giveaway!  I'm beyond excited because I know they have some adorable acessories and it will be such a treat to give them away to someone I know will love them too!

Hang in there for the giveaway soon!


candy apples said...

Cute outfit! And BEAUTIFUL earrings♥ Your mom is so great for getting them for you :)


febriani djunaedi said...

beautiful pictures. love it

lollie said...

love the prints together, and such wonderful earrings. beautiful!
if you follow let me know and ill return the favour!

kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing your outfit is fabulous xxxx

Jenni Wells said...

those earrings are so unqiue and elegant. and houndstooth=my favorite print!!!! those pants rock so hard.

Shoe said...

@ Candy Apples - Thanks very much!! My mom is crazy wonderful.

@ Febriani - Thanks for reading :D

@ Lollie - Aww thanks... I'm always hesitant about mixing prints, but glad they work!

@Kristyb - Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

@Jenni - I know!! I love houndstooth too! If only I had more...

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