Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's in my bag: School Edition

You probably know by now I'm obsessed with knowing what people carry in their bags so I hope you will excuse this School Edition of what's in my bag.  In particular, I get very excited about knowing what people carry to school.  It guarantees stationery, notebooks and exciting things to read.  (Unless you're doing International Relations like some of my school mates and reading books called "States and Markets" and the like.)

This gigantic Longchamp Pliage actually belongs to my mother, but she lent it to me for use here because it's strong, doesn't get dirty easily and carries a TON.

Behold, exhibit A:

This is more or less what I carry to school every Monday.  If it looks like it weighs a ton, I assure you, it really does.

1)  Hello Kitty pencil case  (Oh, I know, I never thought the day would come)

2) Room keys

3)  Nokia E71 phone

4)  Plaid pyjama shorts.  There's a really good reason for this, I do a workout of sorts on Monday that requires me to wear short, comfy shorts, so I bought these cheapo pyjama bottoms (they have fey little frills on them) for a few quid and just throw them on to workout in.  People have actually complemented me on my workout STYLE.  I know, true story.

5)  Two berets.  Another good reason, my crazy, wonderful class is working on a project where we get one of our classmates to wear as many weird hats as possible and take pictures of him.  I've just realised they are all as nutty as I am.

6)  Radley wallet.

7)  Smint.

8)  iPod

9)  Boring black umbrella.  I had a hot pink candy striped one and left it in Costcutter like a clown.  But the weather here is so wacko, I needed another one.

10)  Kindle in my Tokidoki pouch (it fits perfectly!!)

11)  Little plastic folder with my classmates' stories in it.  Some of the work submitted in this class is truly phenomenal and I'm grateful for the chance to read and talk about it all the time.  Also, this folder has got a Japanese animation story going on on it, about two rabbits who open a restaurant to feed hungry squirrels.  It cracks me up!

12)  Envelope with some bank letters in it.  Don't ask.

13)  Spotted black pouch and black mesh pouch with various toiletries.

14)  A'zone testpad all the way from Singapore.  I am so freakin' fussy about the kind of paper I write on, I brought my own from home.  It's thick, and smooth and the lines are clearly printed on.

15)  Wizard of Oz organiser

16)  Snoopy moleskine which we all know about by now.

Not pictured here were my camera and a couple of books by V. S. Pritchett that I had to return to the library.  I usually throw a sandwich in before class and stagger painfully there (there is no public transportation in the Uni so I walk everywhere, which I love!).

What about you?  What do you carry in your bags for school and are they anywhere near as heavy as mine?


archives said...

your bag is WAY more organized than mine!!! ive always got random receipts and a dog treat at the bottom of mine, ha!

Shoe said...

Hahahah aww thanks... It used to be horribly organised but after losing my keys a few times, I had to clean up.

Do you have a dog?! I LOVE dogs!!

Just Ruthie said...

I have a binder clip of coupons and receipts! ahhahaha

Samantha said...

I'm just as fussy as you about the paper I use!!! I use the same Azone folscap paper all the way from Singapore!! Carry a couple of packs every time I fly here. Haha (:

Shoe said...

@Just Ruthie - That is amazingly organised! Is it like a mini binder? How does it fit??

@Sam - OMG tell me about it. No two bit translucent paper with the annoying faded blue lines, eh.

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