Friday, November 19, 2010

The present

Yesterday something really cute arrived in my mailbox, a present from one of my best friends in the whole world, Rebecca (or Beck, really.  I only call her Rebecca when I'm trying to be difficult).

She sent me one of the most beautiful and unusual necklaces I've ever seen (and I've seen lots of them) from an online shop called Mixko.  Mixko appears to be currently run by two designers, but I think they're starting separate businesses now, so the lady who makes the accessories can now be found here on Etsy.

Both the designs and ideas of her jewellery are just intriguing!  The necklace Beck sent me is called the "Here Comes the Sun" necklace and it's a little white dove flying through a rainbow... with a last little blue drop of rain on the end!

I almost died when I saw it because it's so pretty and such an interesting way of representing the concept!  (Although I will admit my first words were "Holy crap, the bird is farting rainbows!" which, for someone who loves crazy, quirky things, sold me even more.)

I wore it for class today with a plain black top and jeans.  Really, there is no need for further explanation when something this beautiful speaks for itself.

Throw in a little crazy, and you're good to go!

PS  Beck and I had a discussion on Skype when she told me she was going to send me the necklace and I told her it was so beautiful and delicate I was worried I was going to ruin it.  How much could you possibly ruin ribbons, she asked, and it dawned on me that she was right. 

Not because I won't ruin them - I'm pretty sure I could fray a ribbon with my eyes closed - but because you know, at the end of the day, they're just ribbons.  Accessories are just accessories and they're meant to be worn and run about it and jumped about in and enjoyed.  As she said, an object is only an object if it gets used to its full capacity. 

Yes, I would be crushed if I broke the necklace one day, but I would be even more crushed if I never ever wore it and it lay on a shelf somewhere never seeing the light of day because I was too scared. 

So I've now committed to making full use of all the things I have and utilising them to their full extent, rather than stashing them and panicking that they'll get spoilt.  And I'm enjoying myself so far!  What about you?


archives said...

wow, that is a beautiful necklace!

Shoe said...

Thanks so much!!

beckles said...


I think I like the little raindrop that sits on your back. Like a quiet reminder to put your worst behind you. Plus it's nice that you might be the only one who know that the raindrop is's great when an accessory is pretty on the outside but is also special on the inside.

It's even got a Beatles-esque NAME! *sings* here comes the suuuuun...

Shoe said...

Yeah when I wore it it sat on my back!! :D Although I think everyone knew about it because ALL DAY LONG I was like LOOKEE LOOKEE!! At least five people have asked me for the website!


ClosetConfections said...

That necklace is awesome. Very unique. I love jewelry that has meaning behind it.


Shoe said...

Thank you, yes I agree about the meanings and what a great meaning this one has, no?

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