Sunday, December 12, 2010

Class act

Shriya came to class in a really cute outfit the other day.  She said she was just rummaging around in her closet for an outfit and kept thinking to herself "Ooh I can add this!" or "How about adding this?". 

Don't we all have days like that, where you stand in front of the closet and inspiration just strikes?  I think sometimes I dress best when the choices come spontaneously that way.

I love the combination of the mature voluminous sleeve, but the very young and girly tunic and I really enjoyed how the colours work together.  

She layered knit stockings over coloured ones for additional warmth, a trick that is both useful and looks cute as the temperature was in the minuses that day.  

Also, recognise these shoes from the last post?  We bought the same ones in different colours for a discount!

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend!


candy apples said...

Cute outfit!! I reeaaally love her neckleace♥


Shoe said...

Thanks Ai, I know, it's so cool and cute!

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