Monday, December 13, 2010

To weather the weather

I don't want to become one of those depressed people who talk about the weather all the time, but here in Inklund, it can be a very depressing prospect. 

A couple of weeks ago in the minus seven sheer, menacing needles of frost sprang up on everything like teeth. 

They cut and scratched when you brushed against them and combined with the worst flu I've had in three years, even the prettiest landscape seemed, quite frankly, hostile. 

Well, I'm in the business of making bad things feel better, and I know there's no point getting depressed over the fact that the sun sets at three or that it's cloudy three quarters of the time, so I'm trying to make the best of the weather.

Whether it's appreciating how light slices through the fog like blinds or how the frost turns every spider web into openwork lace, standing in one hour of weak winter sun and feeling my pineal gland rejoice, or making a hot broth full of nutritious vegetables and chicken, trust me, I'm trying.


candy apples said...

You take such pretty photos! The two that show the sun shining through is absolutely gorgeous♥


andriani retno said...

thanks shoe for link myblog, i was link u back :))

oh... u're good in photography.. epic

Jenni Wells said...

I know how it is- getting depressed in the winter. I like to do anything and everything to bring color back to life - painting, cooking with lots of colorful veggies, redecorating, dressing in bright colors. but minus 7? no thank you!!!! best of luck on a long winter

Shoe said...

@ Candy apples - Thanks Ai! I'm actually not that great a photographer, but the place is pretty :P

@ Andriani - thanks for the link! I LOVE the new little mushrooms you made!

@ Jenni - I know! Minus seven sucks! At least you feel my pain :)

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