Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A photo an hour: Slow day, Snow day edition

I haven't done one of these in awhile, you just take a photo an hour for the whole day (sort of, sometimes I cheat and take two) so that you get a glimpse of what the day is like through the details.  I thought I would do one on the first snow day we've had this winter, which also happened to be a lazy Saturday during which I didn't actually do anything.

I know it's kind of uneventful, but you really get a glimpse of what life is like on a slow day.  I'm going to do one on a contrasting weekend in which the day is packed with activity, perhaps next Saturday or Sunday, if I can! 

It's nice to know that this blog documents not just sartorial choices but also the life and times of me, no matter how mundane or chilled out they are.  After all, that's really what it's here for.




A mushroom and egg hollandaise sandwich for brunch.  Crumpet ho!


Reading stories to be workshopped for Monday.  I love my course.



Wearing a pair of headphone earrings from a set that Shriya and Anjuly bought for me from Claire's for my birthday!  So cute!  I've got pictures of the whole set coming soon...


My very, very good old friend Priya sent me a massive box which was literally half my height!  I was so excited to get back and open it, to find...


... flowers and a balloon!  Have you ever seen such a beautiful bouquet in your life?  It was twice the size of my head!  I was really touched... Priya is crazy... and really, really wonderful!


Seriously, it's pitch black by five.  Depressing much?



I don't know if you can tell, but the dolphin diver zombie is about to breach my poorly constructed stronghold.  Curses!


Notes from a recent meeting that I was typing up into minutes.


Shriya and I have been preparing for a chorus recital for this week!  I pop in the Mozart's Requiem cd and sing along in serious falsetto for about half an hour.  Earlier, Shriya asked me what Ex Au-di meant.  I told her, "something that used to be a car", and we laughed for three bars.



archives said...

what a lovely snow day!!! :)

priii said...

omgoodness!!! i didn't realise it'll come in such a huge box!!! but the bouquet was as lovely as the picture.. i'm so happy! =)

Anonymous said...

hi shuli elizabeth here (suntimes). super cute blog!! i love claire's too, they have the funkiest accessories !! (if you look past the high school musical merchandise)

Shoe said...

@ archives - thanks! Are you guys having snow too? It's light for now, but I think it's going to get much heavier later!

@ Elizabeth - HEY!!! Thanks for stopping by! How are you?

OMG don't even get me started on my Claire's love... the halloween spiders were too cute.

@ Priii - It was such a lovely surprise! Huge box and all! Everyone was eyeing me with envy! MUAHAHA. THANK YOU! I will never forget this :')

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