Thursday, December 30, 2010

Warm upon the line

Dress - Spitalfield.  Shoes - Dorothy Perkins.
Fishnets - Sydney flea market.  Cuff - Flea market.
Beret - Present from Hanshen.  Necklace - Made by my mother.

Estimated temperature: -2 degrees.

I wore this festive linen dress for a holiday party in my dorm.  I love the lovely, old school, almost-pencil-skirt shape of it and the demure length of the hem.

The wonderful man I bought it from told me actually designs the template of the dress, picks out different fabrics and send them to a dressmaker to be made.  "You have a good eye," I told him.

"Bless you," he grinned.

The weather here is so fickle, by the time you read this, all the snow in this picture will have melted completely and rain will be pelting down upon us.

But life is completely unpredictable that way.

I will admit now that I was pretty depressed for a large part of 2010.  I woke up feeling lacklustre and like crying, dragged myself to work and there was more than one day when I burst into tears sitting at my desk, feeling my life was forever going go on stagnant and wasted, doing things I hardly cared about.

Friends like Mie and Mavis were great comforts to me then, but eventually, I had to get off my arse and take action.

I am here now, living my dream completely by chance.  I almost didn't make it, twice.  But somewhere along the line, someone dropped out of the course, someone liked my portfolio, someone decided to keep one space for me.

And as much as the weather or the darkness depresses me sometimes, or I miss home and my friends and my family and the food, every day, I know I should be thankful. 

For most of 2011 I get to continue do this.  My year is made, and I am so, so, grateful for that.

I hope all of you have a great 2011!  Thank you for reading, I love the online community and it's been great getting to know everyone. 

Happy New Year!

"I was flying home and I
Saw the sunset from the sky
I saw the dark come spooning down upon the land
And I thought about the distance we all cover
And it made me sad

And as the old year took a bow

And joined the setting sun
It comes around again
Like a refrain
And we all sing along
And think of things we should’ve done
Till one year when the new year never came..."

New Year's Song, Josh Pyke

PS  We won't be together for New Years this year, but you are the Jazzy Jeff to my Will Smith, the Karl to my Ricky and the Laurie to my Fry.  Love you and miss you, and hope you have a Happy New Year too!


candy apples said...

Loved reading this post :) You look gorgeous in your dress♥ I'm so amazed how comfortable you look, even though it looks like it would be freeezing cold!! Is that your boyfriend in that last pic? :D


saji said...

Hi shoe, u looking cute in this goodness, its too cold out there.. :)Have a happy new happy through out the year...cheers,saji.

berf said...

I love your dress! Can you mail one to me!!! And why aren't you spending New Year with Dhano? I thought he was going to meet you? Happy New Year friend! I look over my cubicle and your desk is STILL empty...

Shoe said...

@ Ai - Hahaha I'm training myself to go sleeveless for taking pictures in the snow. Trust me, the layers go on after! Yeah that is my boyfriend, he features in lots of the earlier posts!

@ Saji - Thank you Saji! Happy New Year to you too! It IS horribly cold, but I'm getting used to it!

@ Berf - BERF! OH BERF! I miss you! Is my desk really empty. Hmm. Maybe I should come back. I'll see what I can do about the dress... what size are you?

sPam said...

I love your dress. You really look pretty in it. And it highlights all your curves :) And oh the food! I'm getting hungry with all those pictures! XD

Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog. It really made me smile and keeps me inspired.

sPam of frou-frou

berf said...

Haha just kidding about the dress lar. But I like it, it's very modest and nice!

Jenni Wells said...

the dress is so classy- perfect for the holidays!!

i wish you the best in 2011!!

Shoe said...

@ sPam - Thanks so much for dropping by! I love commenting on people's blogs and getting to know others and like you, reading comments on mine really makes me smile.

@Berf - Wahaha it's from a weekend market and I think it's only like 12pounds. So if I go by, I could get one for you!

@Jenni Wells - Thank you so much!! All the best to you too!

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