Sunday, January 2, 2011

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

It's been ridiculously misty and damp recently, but at least the temperature's up!  To celebrate, we went shopping in the post-Christmas sales.

One of my favourite things I picked up is this sage coloured jacket that defies the definition of being a blazer with its drapey shape.  (On the tag the colour reads khaki, but if that's khaki, I'm a monkey's uncle.  Okay, I may be a monkey's uncle anyway, but keep your opinions to yourself.)

It was half price at River Island, and I fell in love with the way it falls and the colour, as well as the fact that it has only one button which nips you in at the waist.  I could probably wear this quite comfortably all year round, even in the tropics.

Also, I've never owned anything from River Island before because it is so damn expensive, and love clothes as I might, I'm a girl with a budget on her wardrobe.  So 15 pounds really screamed to me with open arms.

Jacket - River Island.  Striped top and shorts -
Tights - New Look.  Oxford heels - La Belle Paris.
Necklace - Made by my mother.  Earrings - Claires.  Socks - Primark.

Estimated temperature: 7 degrees.  

I paired it with a striped top and paperbag shorts this time round, but I'm excited to see what else I can do with it, perhaps with a bold coloured dress or some dress down jeans.

Also, have I completely gone crazy because it was seven degrees and I got all ready to whip out my bikini?


candy apples said...

Love your new jacket!! And the pumps too♥ Yes, you are crazy to want to whip out your bikini at 7 degrees!!!! It's cooooold >_< A bunch of my Canadian family friends went for a "Polar Bear Swim" yesterday... I think it was 3 degrees!


Shoe said...

Thanks Ai! I'm only kidding about the bikini although it does feel warmish. Now, a "polar bear swim" is crazy. I'm convinced I would DIE in the water.

Monica Kosasih said...

thanks for your lovely comment..
i love your shorts ;)
mind to follow my blog?

Rosy P. said...

great blog, love your outfit (: I sure couldnt pull it off but you do!

Summer said...

you ARE beautiful!!!
And i LOVE that color on you :)

Thanks for visiting me, doll... i'm following*

xoxo summer

andriani retno said...

i love those jacket and also your look.. stylish and pretty chic as always :))))

Shoe said...

@ Monica - Thank you! Yes, sure, we can follow each other!

@ Rosy P - Aww thank you, I just checked your blog out, you're gorgeous!

@ Summer - That's so sweet, thank you! I'll follow you too!

@Andriani - Hahah thanks! Yeah it's a really cool jacket!

discosmo said...

nice outfit, nice blog :)

and this is mine

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