Friday, January 21, 2011

Brogueing rights

For the longest time, Dhany had been looking for a pair of Oxfords with brogueing in them and we'd been passing stores nice modern versions but at ridiculous prices in the region of $100 and up.

(I have just recently learned that Oxford is the style of the shoe and brogueing refers to the perforations in them which means Brogues necessarily have holes in them but Oxfords may not, like all squares are rectangles but all rectangles are not square, you see?  Don't be irritating and argue with me on this because I once had a scuffle with some relatives on the difference between Oxfords and Brogues and they annoyingly refused to listen, same as the scathing little rich girl who snarkily CORRECTED me with "It's ROH-DART" when I was talking about the brand under Laura and Kate Mulleavy, assuming that she must be right because she worked in public relations and I was wearing, horror of horrors, cargo pants.  Little did she know that despite the way I look, I actually do occasionally follow high fashion and I was too polite to disabuse her when I should actually have leaned into her face and said "It IS ROH-DAR-TAY you sanctimonious asshat and please refrain from spitting corrections at me unless they're actually CORRECT."  I am always too mild in public like this and then I hate myself for not speaking up and roar (like a dungeon dragon) away to myself in private afterwards.)

Anyway.  So.

He was resigned to the fact that he was going to have to spend over 70pounds on a pair until we stepped into Rokit and it occurred to me to check the shoe racks.

Sitting there, nestled among all the other cowboy shoes was the cutest pair of leather Oxfords at half the price, in the perfect size!

He snatched them up, and I have to say, I love these shoes.  They're built in an old school style with an extremely heavy wooden heel and sole, and they make a clacking noise, like the noise my father used to make when he came home from work.

Worn here with a checked shirt, nudies jeans, Asos leather jacket and Fossil bag.

Nowadays, men's shoes seem to be gravitating towards lighter models with rubber soles, and even the Oxford designs have modern looking stitching or toe boxes.  We even stepped into Dr Marten where there were some interesting Oxfords on sale with the thick Dr Marten Air Wair soles and trademark yellow stitching (!).

I like that these shoes retain their old school charm and still look great with jeans and leather jackets.  Once Dhany wore them in a little to fit his own feet, he told me he liked them a lot too.

And it's nice to know that whether he wants to wear spats and coattails or ROH-DAR-TAY sweaters, and these babies will fit right in.


candy apples said...

Oooohh love his shoes!! I didn't even know what Brogues were :P Really goes to show how little style I have haha.

I totally understand being mild in public. I do it ALL THE TIME and it drives me insane...


martienn said...

u look amazing :)
i like ur blog :*

if U want follow me and write comment ;*

kaarim said...

Love that brown bag:)

Jenni Wells said...

people are such jerks sometimes.

anyway.... I also didn't know what Brogues were. Often times I think those who don't care about high end fashion have the most fashion forward, unique looks because they aren't influenced by anyone. Just saying....

i just realized i wasn't following you yet. i must fix this! i hope you follow back.

NerdGlasses said...

Loving the shoes!
I love your blog! <3
Following you!
Follow me too?

Shoe said...

@ Ai - It drives me nuts too! We should make a pact to be more outspoken!

@ Martienn - Thank you! I'm following!

@ Kaarim - Me too! I would love one for myself... Hahaha

@ Jenni - I totally agree... I love reading personal style blogs because that, so much more than what's on the runway, really shows me a unique, individual sense of style.

@ NerdGlasses - Haha thanks! I'm totally stopping by yours!

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