Monday, January 24, 2011

The frost fairy

Yesterday, it was my friend Srishti's birthday and we had a fun midnight celebration for her, just as she turned 22. 

Srishti has an amazing face - wonderful cheek bones and the most beautiful masses of ringletted hair.  Some of her friends had made her a wreath of roses to wear in her hair, and then, by coincidence, a mutual friend, Tobin, gave her the most ethereal looking lace dress from Dorothy Perkins.

How he got her size right, we'll never know, but perhaps it bodes well for his future partner!

Together with the crown of flowers, Srishti had the prettiest, most fairy-like outfit, from sheer coincidence!

Happily, she was even wearing pearl bracelet and sparkly ballet flats!

Everyone was falling over themselves to take pictures of her and I know her cheeks were aching from smiling, so thanks Srishti, for posing for these pictures for me! 


Jenni Wells said...

a pretty girl and a pretty dress. she looks so magical!!

Adam said...

The dress is brillz
so is your blog.

candy apples said...

I love her outfit! And her cheekbones are goooorgeous :D



Aww your hair! So cute!

Duygu said...

great blog dear! :) following you! xoxo

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Your friend is so pretty! I love the white dress she has on, plus those sparkly flats. The flowers in her hair were the perfect touch!

Shoe said...

Thanks everyone! I think she looks really pretty too!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Shu li..u made it all look so :D a little exaggerated though ;) but still
Thank you so very much for making me feel so special.
Girl I have been following your blog..awesome stuff i must agree!
Lovely snaps with minor details..very well written:)!!


Shoe said...

Awww Srishti, no problem, you really did look like a fairy! And thanks for reading my blog, I love it when people read and enjoy it :) Thanks so much!!!

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