Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second time lucky

If I've been remiss in posting these last few days, it's because I've just managed to squeeze a holiday in before school with one of my favourite (and most stylish) people in my life, my best buddy, Dhany.

It's been one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and romantic holidays I've ever had, and I'm so grateful we had the chance to enjoy this together after some time apart, particularly when our initial plans were completely dashed by a bout of chicken pox (him, not me).

Also, I really enjoyed how well Dhany (still) puts his outfits together, preppy with a funky twist. 

He wore this light blue button down shirt with khaki pants, his leather messenger bag and a black leather jacket for brunch in Soho. 

We headed to an amazing place called The Breakfast Club which was cramped and dark inside but serves one of the best all day breakfasts I've ever had.

I had the pancakes with bacon and potatoes while Dhany had the Full Monty with a bit of black pudding in!

Later that night, we continued our food sojourn to a restaurant called Santa Maria Del Sur, which was apparently featured by Gordon Ramsay on TV for having amazing steak.  I am a steak monster.  I eat my steak no more than medium rare and I can eat a lot of it, so this was a treat for someone who has been scoffing lean meat sandwiches all through school.

It even came with an tangy eggplant dish that cut right through the meatiness with a tart zing.  The restaurant is a little out of the way passed Queensway, but I think we both felt the trek was worth it.

I have more clothes-related photos to share including some vintage shopping we did in Covent Garden, and now that the holiday has ended, regular posting will resume, I promise!  Enjoy!


Zarna said...

your friend is so stylish - i love his messenger bag!

Anonymous said...

the food looks so good! *droolz*

Shoe said...

@ Zarna - Oh wow, thanks so much for visiting! And I'll tell him, he'll be delighted!

@ Urbanjade - Ya balls. Eh seriously. Come and visit lah, I'll bring you to eat :)

Anonymous said...

nooo stop tempting my broke ass! :P

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