Thursday, January 13, 2011

The half turban

I've been looking forever for big square scarves that are thin enough to tie both around the neck and on the head.  Is it just me, or is finding a giant, silky square the hardest thing to do without blowing the budget? 

And why does everyone else seem to have nothing but the Hermes squares on?

Lately, at New Look, I got really lucky and found this one that is both slightly nautical and suitably michievous.

I learned how to tie the half turban from here and decided it would be perfect for cold ears on a blustery day.  (Also, I love Jessica Quirk, every.  Single.  One.  Of her outfits is a gem.)  Try it, it's the easiest thing in the world and I am a klutz at tying all head related things.

I wore it with a summery white dress, faux leather jacket and a little vintage purse I got from a vintage fair on campus for three pounds!

Dress - Spitalfields.  Jacket - Primark.  Tights - Primark.
Scarf - New Look.  Shoes - Shu Time.  Bag - Vintage. 

I did my best mad professor expression so you could see the knot on the head.  

This outfit took me out to the movies with Anjuly and Shriya (I meant that metaphorically, not like it actually held my hand and took me although, literally speaking, it kept me warm at the end of the night, hohoho).  

Am I the only person who thought the latest Harry Potter was like a grim Russian arthouse movie where they all stood around in circles and spoke cryptic and inane dialogue vis:

Hermione: "If we drink the polyjuice potion, we'll look like them.  And if we look like them, we can get into the Ministry."

Harry:  "THEN.  Comes.  The hard part."


Also, if the wizards can conjure a tent that looks small outside but is massive inside with space for beds and Harry and Hermione to slow dance (?!) they could've jolly well made proper rooms with heating and electric lights.  

All those shots of Hermione sitting in the forest with a blanket on and shivering miserably?  Drove me nuts.  CONJURE A FIRE, DAMNIT!

Um.  The End.  Wingardium Leviosa, everybody!


Summer said...

I love how you tied your scarf! You are so fabulous!
I hope you come visit me soon, doll! I leave for my adventures in Australia in just 4 days!

xoxo, Summer

Shoe said...

Thanks Summer! You should try it, it's the easiest thing! :D

monster cakes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love your polka dots and your pics girl! xo

Shoe said...

@ Monster cakes - Thank you for visiting back! :D

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