Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pyjama party (outfit 9 and barely 10)

Last weekend, Shriya, Anjuly and I really wanted a way to head out, relax and just cut loose after being cooped up indoors for ages and working for school.  We decided on an evening of drinks followed by a sleepover with loads of fun, kiddy movies and calorific snacks, with a long swim and brunch the next day!

I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to just hanging out with the girls and chilling and gossiping, but at the same time, I was apprehensive about the fact that these plans don't sometimes happen.  Someone falls asleep prematurely, or gets raging drunk and so on.

Thankfully, everything went exactly according to plan and we had a blast!

Outfit #9

Kimono top - Marine Parade.  Rosette skirt - Primark. Shoes - Shu Time.  
Tights - M and S.  Necklace - Urban Outfitters.  Faux pearls - Tophop.

I decided to throw on something cute since we were heading out to the pub.  I found this photogenic mossy log which I thought would be great to climb up on, conveniently forgetting that thanks to the camera timer, I had ten seconds each time.  Let's say " madly scrambling" would be a more appropriate descriptor for what I proceeded to do and, although it might not LOOK like it, the log is tres slippery and there's quite a large and freezing body of water on the other side.  Whatever guesses you may have as to what happened next, they are quite possibly right.

How cool is this skirt with the chiffon rosettes?  I got it in the post Christmas sale and I love that it's really bold and fun. 

It is true that when it's raining, I get some amazing gems of pictures because everything looks so fresh and green and fertile, but in truth, what happens also, is that I get covered in streaks and streaks of wet mud and have to come back, scrape it all off and litter my entire room with fresh, damp clods.  Yum.

I just fell in love at first sight when I saw this necklace in Urban Outfitters in London which has my inital on it in Bodoni.  I think every (aspiring?  faux?  wishful thinking?) writer should have something in a typewriter font!

Later, we adjourned to Shriya's room where we hung out under these pretty pink "flower" lights....

...  And got into our PJ's - Shriya's floral and stripey PJs, my clowny polka dots and Anjuly's classy blue print.

Shriya painted our nails as we ate Danish cookies Anjuly had brought in from Copenhagen and then we watched Coraline and Aladdin as we stuffed our faces with chocolate, Doritoes and salsa.  (Can I just point out that watching movies with the girls is hilarious, the last time we watched the Lion King, we had to stop the movie several times to question whether the movie's rhetoric was, indeed, communist and had we failed to notice this all through our childhoods?  This time, Shriya and I did voices in Aladdin, albeit at subsonic levels.)

The next morning, despite the fact that I was a doubter, we actually all woke up early enough to troop down to the pool in the gym complex and have a wonderful and refreshing morning swim.  I think people forget how great it is to swim your tiredness off and come away with skin smelling like chlorine and tingling delightfully.

And of course, not ones to cut corners with self-nourishment, we proceeded to stuff our faces again!

# Outfit 10 but not really

I spent the rest of the day lazing round my room in clothes I just slapped on after the pool (from 30 x 30, mind), which were SO boring they were just not worth pictures.  If you'd like to imagine it, I wore my denim cut-offs with the tights above, my primark gold knit and the same shoes.  Yawn.  Sometimes, I just have to have some of those days!

So instead, here are my brilliant blue nails thanks to Shriya, and a drawing of the new lightbulb design I'm working on for We The Thousands.  Over and out!


shrug said...

Love the pictures :D Lets do one again soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks like u r having loads of fun there!!

Hoon ye

ruxandra d. said...

The skirt is so beautiful, love it.
Thank you for your comment.

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

Really like your skirt!


thanks for commenting doll.

i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check?

xo model from holland.
everyday a new post.


Bonjour, I love visiting your blog (I love how much effort you put in every post and in this post, definitely your skirt!!) so I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award :) you might wanna see it:

Love, Anastasya from MIXXED CULTURE

yiqin; said...

the print suits you really well :D

Shoe said...

@ Shrug - For sure!! Next time, I offer my place! It's right next to the pool :D

@ Hoon ye - OMG HOW ARE YOU!!! I miss you guys! I carry your flask to class every week!

@ Mixxedculture - Thank you so much! I'm blogging it asap!

Anonymous said...

Life sucks in the banking world. Am looking out desperately. Other than that its been great. =)

Hope that the flask is working well for u

Hoon ye

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