Saturday, February 26, 2011

Walking in the rain (11 and 12)

Outfit #11

Black top - Paris. Boots - Dr Martens.  Houndstooth leggings - Uniqlo.
Belt - Zara.  Lipgloss - Bourjois, No. 6.
Super cool bangle - Vintage from Rockit.  Earrings - Present from mother.

I am sitting here blogging this with my usual mug of pre-bedtime milky tea (no sugar.  Some people are astounded that I have my tea and coffee without sugar.  I used to relish my father's very very sweet tea, but just lost my taste for it as I grew up), having just come out of a lovely Lush bubble bath in which I read two chapters of the new novel I am on (more about that in an upcoming post!).  The rain murmurs outside and to me, there is no sound more comforting.  It's like being at home.

At home, we recently moved into one of those old-school 70s terrace houses (first time in my life I've ever touched garden) and bits of the house have an old-school zinc roof.  When the rain comes down, it roars and dances on the roof and I've never felt so close to nature before.  This brings back a fraction of that feeling.

This is the second lipgloss I got from Boots, and while it is more expensive (£4.99) than the £1.99 Natural Collection one, I am absolutely loving it.  It promises, on the tube, 8-hour hydration and while I have never left anything on my lips for 8 hours, it certainly felt very moist and barely sticky the whole time I had it on.  Plus look at that colour!  Barely like a gloss, is it??

As you're admiring the photos above, I feel it necessary to disilluion you by telling you I snagged and tripped on many twigs to get them and was feeling heinously cross as a result, so that unlike the cheerfully smiling face you see, I glared at my tripod, shoved it under my arm and marched home.  Thank you.  As you were.

Outfit #12

Blazer - Tang's Studio.  Skirt - Primark.  Shoes - New Look.
Undershirt - H and M.  Socks - M and S.  Fishnets - Sydney market.
Dinky pose - An homage to Keiko Lynn (please read her blog, 
it is all kinds of amazing and one of my faves.)

I am CRAZY about this blazer.  I bought it at the Tang's staff sale which Sook kindly let me into and it was far too expensive, but I just had to have it when I thought about the multitude of things it could be worn with.  Just LOOK at it.

I went for an approximation of grown-up school kid with the mix of blazer, white shirt, skirt, and high socks, but spiced it up with the fishnets underneath.  I am kind of liking the look A LOT - it's so me in so many ways.  What do you think?


beckles said...

I am liking the lip gloss choices thus far!

Shoe said...

Thanks!! There is no so far... those are the only two shades I have!!

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