Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have always loved pencil skirts, so it's a pity I don't wear them more often.  They give anybody the most wonderful ladylike silhouette (even people with a gut like mine) and you just feel so demure and move so nicely the whole day.  I searched high and low before finding the perfect pencil skirt back home and came back to my old school favourite - Marks and Sparks.

The thing about them is that they cut clothes for women.  People who cut clothes for places like Topshop cut them for girls with no hips.  I have spent many a sad day asphyxiating myself with their bodycon skirts in the changing room only to realise that I will never be able to wear bodycon. 

Anyway, I paired the skirt with my cute little striped top and red tights and was surprised at just how put together it looked.  This is the easiest (and arguably cutest) outfit I've put together for 30 x 30 so far!

Coat - Primark.  Top - Primark.  Skirt - Marks and Sparks. 
Oxford heels - Paris (Chatelet).  Tights - Tesco.
Bracelet - Pandora.  Nails - Courtesy of Shriya. 


shrug said...

Gorgeous. The skirt really does things for the figure. I need one!

Zarna said...

those red tights are beautiful on you! such a great pop of color!

andriani retno said...

awesome oxford shoes :)))

Amira said...

Like your tights!

DilaanD said...


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