Monday, April 11, 2011

Afua's birthday

Last Wednesday was my flatmate Afua's birthday and also, the warmest day since we've arrived here, topping out at 20 glorious, sunny degrees!  We celebrated by going out for dinner and drinks and I think Afua looked simply amazing in her gorgeous dress and beautiful new heels she got herself.

Having a good flatmate to share the bathroom with is really down to the luck of the draw and I'm so lucky to have such a cool neighbour that I get along so well with and I'm so glad I got to celebrate her birthday with her!

Shirtdress - New Look.  Tights - Topshop.  
Vest - my mother's.  Shoes - New Look.  Necklace - Bazaar.
Earrings - Tesco.

I wore my new shirt dress from New Look - I bought it for £12!  I just love the idea of a crisp, white shirt on a woman and the masculine silhouette of the shoulders and rolled up sleeves and I can see that this is going to be a really versatile piece. 

Before dinner, I took along walk in the glorious afternoon light behind my school.

Not many people know it, but there's a beautiful running stream and fields of budding flowers away from the blocky, modern buildings at the front of the school.

And, to my delight, I found that over the course of winter, little ducklings had been brewing!  Aren't they adorable?  Their respective mothers were getting into massive flapping fights each time they wandered too close to each other, simply because there were so many of them.  And it was wonderful watching them learn to kick and paddle with their little webbed feet.

For dinner, we hit Cosmos, an amazing Asian buffet place that I had not known previously about.  Amid the chips and onion rings, there was loads of good Chinese food.  Look at that plate for a second.  Yes, that is a char siew bao you see.  And a siew mai.  I haven't seen these things for so long that I'm not kidding when I say I nearly cried.

And for dessert, Afua got two cakes!  I hope she had a great time because I really enjoyed myself and I was delighted to be there.  Here's to good friends, good food and laughter!



ChiccaStyle said...

Happy Birthday Afua!!!These shots are amazing, so stylish and great fun!

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

ahh you 2 look both so pretty!
like the photos!

i have a new post,maybe you can take a look!
everyday a new post

xxx mirjam

yiqin; said...

I really want a vest!!

Shoe said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'll pass them on to Afua for sure :)

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