Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A amazing facial massage with oil

I really wanted to share something with you guys: right now, the skin on my face is okay (that's not what I wanted to share but I'm building up to it!).  It's not mindblowing, but it's getting a lot better and it definitely hasn't given me any huge problems apart from being dry and a bit freckly at times.

I don't ever wear makeup, so what you see on this blog is pretty much what you get (and I have no photoshopping tools).  It used to be a lot more rough owing to the fact that I never realised that I had dry skin has a teen and I only started moisturising regularly in my twenties!  (I know, the horror.  It's a wonder I don't look like leather right now.)

Since then, I've been on a mission not just to cleanse and moisturise as per normal but to get a healthy, natural glow because people who don't wear makeup will know that we don't have concealer or foundation to help us! 

One of the things that changed my skin radically is cod liver oil.  I started eating cod liver oil pills last year and I noticed a dramatic difference in just one week.  It was crazy.  I was breaking out all over the place and suddenly, magically plump, firm skin.  (Please don't eat them if you're pregnant.  You're just not supposed to.)

The other thing I enjoy using greatly is olive oil.  I love the smell of olives and the natural, organic feel of the oil.  As long as it's extra virgin, it shouldn't clog your pores and is a really wonderful, natural way to moisturise and pamper your skin as long as you're not allergic and it's gentle enough that it doesn't matter if it gets in your eye area and so on.

I started swimming regularly again recently (I used to swim something ridiculous like 60 laps a week in my teens because I was learning how not to drown on a ship.  Don't ask.) and though it's great exercise, it makes my skin horrid and dry.  I set out to look for a way to counter the damaging effects of all the chlorine and stumbled upon this great video on youtube (I swear, you can find instructions for how to ANYTHING on youtube, including some things you shouldn't want to know how to do). 

The lady in the video (who I only know by the username fuzkittie) uses a treatment oil, but since I can't afford anything more expensive than a bottle of extra virgin from Tesco, I just use that and give my face a good massage following her instructions just before bed.  It feels sooo good and the results are pretty amazing.  I can't honestly tell you if it really is anti-ageing or prevents lines because I don't have a yardstick, but it's really moisturising and gets your blood flowing.

I particularly like to do this just after I exfoliate.  My skin literally drinks the moisture, and then afterwards, simply blot with tissue and go to bed.  Or if you're squeamish about oil, rinse it off with lukewarm water.  I wake up glowing and I have never had any break out problems despite having extremely sensitive skin. 

(I should add a caveat here to say that my skin is pretty dry and tends to get flaky around my nose and mouth if I don't look after it.  I don't know how this will work for people with skin on the other end of the spectrum, so I would urge caution because skincare is so personal, but mostly, it should be fine.)

So, if you have a spare five minutes tonight, go ahead and have a bash.  If nothing else, it should make you feel nice and relaxed for the night ahead.  Go on, you know you want to!

Do you guys have any other good skin tips or rituals to recommend?


lisa said...

This sounds a lot like the oil cleansing method. Personally I've never tried it, but I know a lot of people swear by it.

Claire said...

okay, this sounds fabulous! i actually got a sample of this facial cleansing oil from sephora once (by Nude) and it was fantastic. my face felt so wonderful after just washing. anyway, i heard massage is great too for circulation. i'm gonna try this!

Claire @

Zarna said...

sounds great! i need a facial asap!

Jenni Wells said...

I just made three new hand made, olive oil based soaps today. I much prefer natural remedies. My skin was getting a bit congested and I took tumeric pills and within 2 weeks my skin was glowing again.

Julie Khuu said...

This is great! Love DIY beauty info...soooo expensive sometimes to go to a salon or even continually buying Over the counter products...will definitely try this at home!

Btw- Haute Khuuture turns 1 today so I'm hosting my very first HUGE giveaway...I'd love to see you stop by if you have a moment :D

Happy Weekend hun!


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