Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A photo an hour: Royal Wedding edition

To clarify, this isn't actually really a photo an hour post, but a variation on a theme because you would be right in thinking that I couldn't just restrict myself to snapping one photo every hour.

So it's several photos over the hours of about half of the day (you don't really care that I crawled into bed in my pjs after, do you?) and I've tried to roughly get the timing right, but it's a bit hard.  I know lots of my friend here in Inklund weren't interested or were even disdainful, but I'm a tourist here and every little bit of Britishness is novel and exciting and besides, it's a once in a lifetime event.  Plus, how could I not squee over all the cool clothes?

I rounded up a small group of like-minded friends and we had a fun time cheering, clapping, laughing and trying to mentally matchmake Pippa and Harry.  Enjoy.


I wanted to go with simple but eye-catching - the raglan shirt is my British tribute (it's five freaking years old.  Urban Outfitters is amazing.) and the skirt is my version of a poufy royal dress.

Raglan shirt - Present from friends.  Skirt - Vintage from Mint.
Shoes - H and M.  Earrings - Camden.


I took pictures of my friends Hilary and Gruff (obviously Hilary's in blue) before we fortified ourselves with large, calorific English breakfasts.  Shriya came to join us later as she overslept.  Overslept for the Royal Wedding.  I know, off with her head!


We got seats on the floor riiiight in front of the speakers and the big screen and watched various family members arriving. 

The Middleton parents showed up, Mrs Middleton looking quite nice and sharp.  The commentator said something like "Oh, when I heard she was wearing powder blue, I thought she might be encroaching on the Queen's territory, but actually she's very far from it."

I don't know how you would tell someone was far away from the Queen's territory except for not setting foot in the palace, but I found it so funny I laughed out loud.

Turns out the Queen's territory is yellow.  Everyone burst out into excited cheers when they saw her.  I'm assuming that happened wherever you were watching it as well?

All kinds of supporters showed up!


We got our first glimpse of Kate - is there anyone who thinks she didn't look exquisite - and more loud cheers erupted.  I was all "YOU GO GIRL!"  (Earlier, I also said "You go, Camilla!" because she was looking quite snazzy and Hilary warned me that it was a controversial thing to say.  I don't see why.  It's not her fault things are the way they are.)

We were noshing on almond thins at this point.

Again, all kinds of supporters showed including those who thought they were literally in the Abbey.

I sang God Save The Queen, even though Hilary had to feed me the lines, and I rather imagine that was how Singaporeans used to be under colonisation.  I love Singapore and all, but you have to admit, GSTQ is a cracking tune.  Majulah Singapura comprises so many uncomfortably high notes, though I have very fond memories of Mel and I harmonising with it under our breath(s) during school assembly.


The couple went back to the palace so we went in search of food in the school's sandwich joint.  They were making special "Royal Wedding Platters" that had sandwiches cut in "elegant triangles".  If you ever see an inelegant triangle, please let me know.

Our posse.  I don't understand why the girl behind was posing as well, but she must have been keen to get in on the action.


Blah blah biddy blah, KISS!  Blah blah biddy blah, ANOTHER KISS!

Am I the only one who thought Harry should have snogged Pippa when the cameras focused on them laughing bashfully after the first kiss?  I mean, you might as well.


We went in search of tea and cake.

And all posed with the British flag. 


I stumbled back to my room to take a nap having been awake for ages and decided to finish with a photo of Gutty, my little vampire plant, basking in the afternoon sun.

Hope you enjoyed the post, I've read a couple of others in blogs asking how you spent the day and I'd love to know as well, so feel free to leave a comment!


ellieand said...

wait, you go to warwick?! me tooo!! haha, small world - looks like a lovely morning, I wasn't on campus as i went home for it but those curiositea cakes look yum! x

Lea said...

Love your commentary. You're super adorable :) I personally like my sandwiches .cut into unelegant rectangles. Hehe. That's so silly that they had to label the food as elegant.

I love your earrings. Those dangly flower ones are just the prettiest things.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

looks like fun! i love your skirt, and your guy friend looks like Prince Harry. he's very cute! ;)


Ruby Girl said...

wow, what a day! you certainly went all out, and it looks like it was a blast. love your narration, you are super funny! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Adam said...

IN TEARS: IN LOVE THIS THIS POST! (okay maybe im being dramatic but still) Just mentioned the Royal on my Haus...LOVE LOVE LOVE.

yiqin; said...

so fun!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

These are amazing. x hivenn

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

looks so much fun..watching the royal wedding together

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