Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shriya's night out outfit

The other day, Shriya, Anjuly and went on one of the regular night-out-cum-sleepovers that we regularly have.  We headed out to a joint in town that specialises in sausages (I don't know about you, but sausages are one thing I can eat in large amounts with relish) and spent the night in at Anjuly's place watching something that may or may not have been High School Musical 2.  Don't judge.

Shriya wore a really cute outfit (so did Anjuly actually, but I wasn't quick enough to capture it) and I just wanted to share what she wore.

I just loved the rich tribal print of the dress juxtaposed with the more preppy shoes (which I happen to know are from New Look) and the art deco pop of turquoise with the more earthy neutral tones.  Everything is pulled together by the black throughout the outfit which makes it nice as a whole, but not too matchy. 

I hope you guys enjoy the look as much as I have!

(And thanks Shriya for letting me take your pictures!)


Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, I just love your outfit!!! Gorgeous belt and booties!!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog, and for your lovely words:)


Elzetha said...

Love your shoes! :)
You look adorable! :)))
Lovely blog,

I am following you:)

Have a great day,

Elzetha said...

Can't find your follower button :(
Please let me know, how can I follow you! Cause I'd really love to!

mari b. said...

your belt is totally rad!
love the vintage-touch it seems to have.
lovely look!

shrug said...

This dress is really pretty! :P

Iulia Romana said...

The pattern of your dress is gorgeous and I also love the shoes :)

I wish you a lovely week!

ChiccaStyle said...

Totally in love with the entire outfit, so chic!!!

Lena & Teresa said...

Lovely blog, I like the way you're writing, alos love the pictures!

Dilan Dilir said...

cute outfit :)

Dilan Dilir said...

your smile is wonderful!

Higgenbottom said...

Shriya is adorable! I love her outfit! Your blog is so entertaining! I'm so following now!

Shoe said...

Thanks everyone!!!

@Shrug HMM I wonder if that's a biased comment somehow???

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