Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Condimentally speaking

The other day, Dhany bought a pair of pants from Topshop in this awesome colour - more intense than khaki or beige but not quite yellow enough to be mustard.

We've taken to calling them the mustard pants, nonetheless, and last week, he wore them cuffed with a crisp white shirt and brown shoes (a good choice as it ended up raining madly).

White shirt - Topshop.  Mustard pants - Topshop.
Brown shoes - Puma.


Mavis couldn't help but notice his socks, which she called "chilli socks".  I love how they lend a kick of colour to the whole outfit and I love that Dhany is a guy who doesn't mind mixing things up and trying fresh things with his clothes. 

And now, I feel like a hotdog.

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