Monday, May 3, 2010

Too darn hot

The heat has been unbearable of late, so I throw on only my lightest clothes when I leave the house.  The Singapore sky, usually flecked with temperamental clouds, was a beautiful Barcelona blue yesterday.   
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the temperature.
These shorts are actually six year old jeans that I hacked off myself.  I love how the colour has faded into a nondescript blue and white ombre.

Blouse - New Look.  Cut-offs - Series.
Cut-out sandals - Dr Martens.  Satchel - Vinatge, Lucky Plaza.  Pendant - Swarovski. 

We spent the afternoon walking around town and finally enjoyed an evening respite from the heat in a studio where The D and We The Thousands bandmates Louis, Yip and Bryan were jamming.

Also, I know this is going to leave (all three of) you in suspense because I haven’t actually bought one yet, but Dhany told me about this capsule machine and I just had to hunt it down.  It looks like a sequel to our Tiger Year Lucky String!.

According to the instructions, you fill a capsule with fragrant beads, fit on the tiger fan and blow and behold, you have some sort of mechanism, that wafts perfume through the air. 
I would’ve bought it then and there, but had no dollar coins on me.  The travesty!  I cannot wait to get one and bring it to work!
Lastly, but not necessarily leastly, we saw this sign along our bus route last night, which I am deeply puzzled by.

As my ever astute travelling companion pointed out: “I didn’t top my PSLE because of New Moon, I topped it because I’m 16 years old.”

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