Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With friends like these

For the first time in awhile, the weekend has been nice and chilled. 

I spent Friday night pretending to be a prostitute at Orchard Towers with friends, complete with fake prostitute names.  (The Pinay pro was "Fondel Maboob", Thai pro was "Wannawach Porn", Chinese pei du mama pro was "Mei Tun" and Japanese pro was "Sakyumi?"  Don't ask me where the names came from, just gently appreciate their presence.)

I kind of wish we had taken photos but I'm also kind of glad we didn't, the outfits that SOME of us were wearing were in no way fit for polite company!

Apart from that, the weekend was spent helping Dhany make steak and casually and dreamily window shopping.  Just perfect.

Here are some outfits I've really enjoyed over the last week.

Kim wore this around the beginning of the week.  If I'm not wrong, the skirt is from New Look and the shoes are from Shanghai.  How cute are they?  I totally dug it, except...

Pat showed up in almost the exact same thing.  I know right, I don't know whether people in my office are psychic when they get dressed in the morning or something.  They even both had lace on the bodice and everything! 

What I really liked about this though, is that they both took a similar look and made it appropriate for them age and body-type wise.  Just goes to show that people of any age can wear almost anything!

Dhany got his mitts on a new chambray shirt.  Chambray is all the rage right now and I can see why - it's soft and comfy and comes in shades of such dreamy blue. 

Paired with cute boat shoes, grey pants and his Brietling.

Met one of my best friends, Ying Yi, yesterday we had Chinese vegetarian food and talked about everything.

I really liked her demure, almost French, librarian-chic ensemble.  The ruffled white blouse, the soft pleated cotton royal blue skirt and the shoes!  I love librarian-chic shoes so much!

You can just imagine her tripping down a cobble-stoned street with a basket of flowers and a book like Belle.

Hope you enjoyed my friends' outfits!


Anonymous said...

how about your own outfit?

Shoe said...

Hi Tragicurlyhip, thanks for stopping by! Yeah I'll be uploading one of my own soon...

Do you have a blog too?

Anonymous said...

no,i merely track people.and anyway,my life is too boring for a blog

Kim said...

hello tragicurlyhip! shools and i are wondering who are you and where do we know you from?? =D curiosity is killing us!!

Anonymous said...

couldn't i be just a random passerby

Shoe said...

hahaha yes, but we're also wondering if we know you!!

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