Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Furry animal fury

Dhany has a penchant for certain fly, furry fabrics like velour (the same way I love shiny things).  He's also able to mix them subtly into ensembles so they they create a nice pop of interest, but don't morph into a Willy Wonka type nightmare.

The centrepiece of this outfit: maroon suede-type shoes that I think go beautifully with his green Insight shirt and dark pants.  I wouldn't normally think of wearing maroon with green, but he really makes it work.


Edit at 6:16pm:  Dhany is insisting I add "West Coast affiliation courtesy of Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube and The Game".  So there you go.  Now you know where that affinity for velour comes from.


Just Ruthie said...

Dhany! The west coast is calling you back. Come visit! Unlike Kenny, we won't leave you at the thai noodle place.

Shoe said...

Dhany says he'll consider it if ample supplies of pork skin are provided!!

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