Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My first giveaway: Handmade jewellery -NOW CLOSED-

I am so excited right now, probably more than I should be.

Welcome to the Soapsuds and Doodles' first giveaway!  

As I've been mentioning over the previous few posts, I'll be giving away jewellery that's been handmade by my mother and designed by me.

One thing about the way my mother makes jewellery is her perfectionism, so I can tell you that the workmanship on these is pretty good, and if you live in the same country, you could even bring them back for fixing, she has very kindly told me.

So!  Let me show you guys what you could win:

1)  Long, gold, four leaf clover necklace

This sort of the same design of necklace that I was wearing in this post and I have to tell you, it's really beautiful.  For the giveaway version, my mother used two chains of varying thickness, which gives it an even nicer weight than the one I own and it sat beautifully on my neck when I tried it on.

The little four leaf clover stones are from a vintage bracelet she took apart, and they're semi-precious stones.  For example, the brown one in the picture is a tiger's eye and there's some quartz on there as well.

The whole thing is one long strand which you could loop over two or three times if you like, and goes great with plain tops or dresses with simple necklines.

2)  Monkey Wrench Earrings

These adorable silver wrenches have a slightly oxidised detail and are adorned with a deep green crystal.  They're super delicate and super fun.

3)  Ruler Earrings

These ones have large blue crystals and they look really cute on.  The chain is also a nice, delicate chain with links of varying sizes and I love how it complements the markings on the ruler.

4)  Hammer Earrings

Finally, you get these brass-coloured hammer earrings with a red crystal - the finish makes it look more old school, I feel and these are more subtle on than the other two.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found all the little tools because I think they're so cute and unusual, and the earrings swing very nicely when worn.  SO.  If you guys would like to win them, here are the rules!


1)  The giveaway is open from today to midnight next Tuesday, the 14th of September.  So, roughly a week.  Any comments that come in after midnight on Sept 14th won't be counted!

2)  You can enter one of two simple ways:

a)  Leave me a comment on which piece of jewellery here you like best and why.  Fill in the option "name/url" and under the "URL" blank, leave me your email address so that I can contact you if you win.  This option will allow me to get in touch with you much more quickly and with fewer steps on your part as well!


b)  If you are uncomfortable with leaving your email information on the blog, leave me a comment on which piece of jewellery here you like best and why.  Then, check back on the 15th of September, Wednesday, when I have announced the winner and I will tell you how to email me directly so that again, I can send you your prize!

3)  If the winner does not get their contact information to me by the 18th of September, I'm afraid I'll have to give the prize to someone else who commented (because, y'know, it's not fair to leave everyone waiting around, if you get my drift).

4)  One comment per person only!!!  The winner will be picked via random.org, through a completely randomised process.

That's it!  All you have to do is leave a comment!

Ready?  Go!!!


Smells said...

Excuse me, I would like the first item, the long four leaf clover necklace. Ta.

berf said...

I like the necklace...because it's just so BOOMZ! And it's so ME!! Let me win!!!

Di Othman said...

they're so pretty! mummy-daughter tag team. you've got the eye and she's got the nimble fingerrrs! miss u babe, meet again soon?

Don Lope de Aguirre said...

I am drawn to the hammer earrings because they symbolize strength and power... These are important traits for a conqueror to possess.

"If I, Aguirre, want the birds to drop dead from the trees... then the birds will drop dead from the trees. I am the wrath of god. The earth I pass will see me and tremble."

Anonymous said...

i want the necklace cos it would go with my vintage-inspired wardrobe.


Kim said...

absolutely love the hammers babe! too vintage for words!! =D what are the odds i could set my monkey minions on my mom too so she can set up a sweatshop??


Anonymous said...

the hammers are awesome! make some stuff for men (since i keep losing my ear studs).

- the "Ruff!" of dawg

Tabby said...

SHOOLS! I absolutely adore the long, gold, four leaf clover necklace. I love how you can fold it multiple times so that it would be any length that you want it to be. The clover stones are so beautiful too! It would be so fun matching them with plain tank tops or dresses. I hope I win this piece!
And tell your mom not to stop making jewelry. She definitely has a knack for it. Like mother, like daughter (:

Anonymous said...

I ♥ the necklace.

At this current point in my life...

I could really use some LUCK = four-leaf clover + WARD OFF evil = tiger's eye. :)

I don't wear 'dangling' earrings anymore thanks to my lonnnng hair. ;P

So please random.org, over here, pick me!


P.S. Shuli, I'll be away for business during the entire week, when you announce your winner! You know who is this, buzz me via my mobile or email k!!!

Just Ruthie said...

ooo random generator should pick me because I am going to give your mom the best compliment EVER. I adore the first necklace because it looks like something from Anthropologie. Wheeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

love love the hammer earrings,it just gets me knowing i have weapons on my ears! ha. and i like brass cos its vintagey.
- t

priii said...


i should win not just because i want these earrings, but really, i need them. i do.

see, in my line of work, i meet with a lot of idiots who could have some common sense knocked into them. and some have a couple of loose bolts which they need to tighten.

let's face it. i can't write in a straight line to save my life.

and i need a hell of a lot of luck.

so i can't pick just one. i need them all. they are all tools to assist me in my daily life.

(and also, i like shiny things. like, i *really* like 'em.)

Shoe said...


Thank you everyone for your comments and stay tuned for the winner!!

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